4 Big Roadblocks (And Solutions) To Creating A Peaceful Home

A peaceful home is all about the people in it. If you want more joy and peace, you need healthy, happy, and holy family relationships.

A peaceful home strengthens family relationships

Marriage, parenting, family life – these relationships are so important, but they can be hard and exhausting!

Today, we’ll take a reality check in the biggest roadblocks to enjoying and deepening these family relationships… and what needs to happen to get those roadblocks out of the way!

(And then, don’t worry, we’ll dive into each one over the rest of this month, to get really practical about HOW to change these!)

Ready? Let’s dive in.

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How family relationships impact your peaceful home

It is possible to have the most beautiful home, with lovely decor and not a spot of dust… and still not feel at peace in your home.

Why? How? Well, it comes back to your relationships.

If your home is filled with conflict instead of dust, it will not feel peaceful. There will be no joy. 

When your marriage is struggling or your kids are have temper tantrums every day, you’ll feel overwhelmed and discouraged… not peaceful and joyful!

That’s why, if you want to enjoy a peaceful home… you need to prioritize building healthy, happy, and holy family relationships.

What gets in the way of great family relationships

Every Christian family is different. But there are a few things that are really common to every family.

As you work toward enjoying a more peaceful home and the family relationships you love, there are 4 big things that might get in the way. 

(And yes, there are solutions to help you get those things out of the way!)

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Roadblock #1... Distraction

You are raising your family in a busy world. I have no doubt that your schedule is full, your to-do list is long, and there are too many great things to actually fit them all onto your family calendar. 

And it’s easy to get distracted away from what really matters.

This is true in the big-picture and the smaller, every-day picture. 

Ultimately, what truly matters for a peaceful home and great family relationships is centering your life on Jesus.

We know from the Bible that Jesus is the only One who can give us the peace we crave and the meaningful relationships we want. Jesus shows us how to interact with each other and use our time wisely to enjoy family life more. 

Solution #1... From Distraction To Deep Faith

The deeper your own faith life is, the more peace you will find in every day life. 

In fact, that’s a promise from God! Consider just two of Jesus’s promises to us –

  • Matthew 11:28 – “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”
  • John 16:33 – “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

You will experience greater peace as you lean on Jesus

And what about family life? As you build healthy, happy, and holy family relationships, you need Jesus at the center of those family dynamics. Your conversations will be more meaningful. Conflict will decrease as forgiveness and humility increase. You’ll treat each other like Jesus tells you to… with kindness, honesty, and patience. 

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Roadblock #2... Drowning

Every mom sometimes feels like she’s drowning in the big emotions of family life. 

Whether it’s your toddlers’ temper tantrums, your teen’s moodiness, or your own frustration – emotions are tough! It’s impossible to have a peaceful home if emotions are out of control.

But what can you do if you feel like you’re drowning in big emotions?

Solution #2... Practice managing the big emotions

As you deepen your faith, it will impact every other area of life. But there are still real-life skills that need to be practiced. Managing big emotions needs to become not only a skill, but a habit!

There’s a lot to this, and you can find more resources here. But at the end of the day, it’s worth identifying what YOUR biggest emotional struggles are. Do you struggle with anxiety? What about depression? And one of the biggest Christian mom struggles is with managing your anger.

If you’re drowning, you are not alone – and managing those big emotions will make a BIG difference. 

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Roadblock #3... Discouraged by Disconnection

If you don’t feel connected with your family, you aren’t going to really enjoy deep relationship with them. 

We all want to feel heard. To feel understood. Everyone needs to know that they are valued, wanted, and truly known by someone… and you need to know that too!

When you’re feeling discouraged, many times it’s connected to this sense of disconnection. You might feel lonely even while everyone is home. If you aren’t communicating well and you aren’t on the same page, of course you’re going to feel discouraged.

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Solution #3... Connecting through good communication

Healthy communication is so powerful in your Christian family relationships! Let’s be honest, it’s helpful in every relationship. If you want a peaceful home willed with connection and deep relationships, communication skills are a must. 

In the Bible, Jesus tells us a lot about how we are to communicate with each other. And often, the focus is on the relationship that is built up through the communication. This is how you feel connected with the people you love.

WANT MORE? Deepen your marriage communication with my devotional workbook Communicating To Connect 

Roadblock #4... Defeated

It is impossible to enjoy family life when you’re feeling defeated. And you certainly won’t experience a peaceful home or deep family relationships! 

Most of the time, when we feel defeated it’s because of the messages we’re telling ourselves inside our own heads. Are you dealing with mom guilt? Questioning your value as a woman, wife, or mom?

You can deal with those feelings of defeat – and get back to enjoying a peaceful home and deep family relationships.

Solution #4... Build confidence in who God made you to be

God is clear in his Word that He has a plan for everyone and that every single person is valuable. You are valuable. And the words that you tell yourself inside your own head matter!

How do you build confidence in who God made you to be? You start in his Word, not in your feelings or inside your own head. He says you are a masterpiece (Ephesians 2:10). You are beautiful (Genesis 1). God has known you since before you were even born (Psalm 139). 

The more confidence that you have in your identity in Christ, the more purposeful you will feel in day-to-day life. Even when it’s tough! Your home will feel more peaceful and your relationships more meaningful as you believe that you are where God wants you to be.

There is no magic wand for a peaceful home

When your family relationships are strong, your home is so much more peaceful. 

But relationships take work. 

As you long for a happy marriage… it will take work. When your kids are toddlers, teens, beyond and in-between… it takes work. 

But a peaceful home, deep relationships, and a meaningful purpose every day – it is worth the work!

There is no magic wand, but there are solutions to any family life problem that you are dealing with. When you’re struggling, turn to Jesus. Give it to him. Let him work.

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