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training your kids in the faith

Family discipleship can feel overwhelming, especially with young children! Grab a simple, practical tool to help guide you. There are many great resources in my Etsy shop for less than $3.

Etsy listing for Sermon Notes for Kids
Kids Sermon Notes
Etsy listing image for Family Bible Study Guide
Family Bible Study Guide
Etsy listing image for Kids Biblical Affirmation Cards
Affirmation Cards
Etsy listing Printable Bible Activities for Kids
Kids Bible Activities
Etsy listing image for the Family Bible Activity Challenge
Family Bible Activity Challenge

resources for the Christian mom

instant download to print at home

walk through a 5-step process for understanding and dealing with your stress

a biblical resource for managing impatience, frustration, anger, and all the not-so-fun mama emotions 

instant download to print at home

40 days of Bible readings, devotionals, and reflection questions

popular podcast episodes

daily life for a Christian mom

You want to raise kind and generous kids. Kids who grow up into adults with great careers and happy marriages. Not to mention the most important part: kids who love Jesus and put him first.

But today? Well, today you’re just tired. Between the bills, the laundry, the sibling squabbles, and the misbehavior, you might be running on empty. Today, those big dreams might feel really far away, while discouragement and distraction are close to home.

If it’s only lukewarm coffee that’s keeping you going, it won’t be enough. In the hard moments of daily life, you need Jesus.

You need his grace, his wisdom, and his joy. And you know what? He’s here. The struggles and the sacrifices are possible (and worth it!) because He is in it with you.

parenting freebies

great Bible verses for every Christian mom

As you parent your kids day in and day out, through the ups and downs, the Bible is a rock. It is your source of peace and joy. Take time to study and reflect on some of these passages.

everyday discipleship ideas for young children

Young kids are easily distracted. Often, you can feel like any effort to teach them about God is wasted. They may not seem interested or able to understand. But don’t dive up! Here are a few ideas for young kids.

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