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resources for the Christian mom

Christian mom life is fun, meaningful, and sometimes completely overwhelming. We all need practical tools that can help us deepen our faith while building great family relationships.

instant PDF download

find greater peace and purpose as you deepen your understanding of your identity in Christ 

instant PDF download

work through 45 days of Bible readings and prayer prompts to build a habit of daily time with the Lord


Etsy listing for women's devotional journal about identity in Christ
Devotional Workbook: Finding Your Identity in Christ
image of the Keep Your Cool, Mama! women's devotional on mom anger
40 Day Devotional: Anger and Emotional Control
image of the cover of a women's devotional on marriage communication
40 Day Devotional: Marriage Communication
Etsy listing for the women's devotional Building A Home Of Godliness And Joy
Devotional Workbook: Building A Godly and Joyful Home

Every Christian mom feels disconnected, discouraged, or distracted at times. Grab a devotional to help yourself get into God’s Word and find his wisdom for the common struggles of Christian family life.

prayer & gratitude

As a Christian mom, you can’t focus all of your time and energy on your kids. Your faith life matters! To experience spiritual growth, you need time in God’s Word. As you talk to him in prayer and give thanks for what He has done, you will find more peace and purpose in the craziness of mom life.

These practical tools are less than $3 and are all an instant PDF download. Each will strengthen your faith in your day-to-day journey as a Christian mom.

Etsy listing for a printable daily prayer journal for women
Daily Prayer Journal Printable
Etsy listing for a printable monthly gratitude journal
Monthly Gratitude Journal Printable
Etsy listing for a printable weekly gratitude journal
Weekly Gratitude Journal Printable
Etsy listing for a printable daily Bible journal
Daily Bible Journaling Printable

my favorite Christian planner

Not only is this a planner for your daily schedule, it is purposefully set up to include your daily Bible study and prayer time. By starting your day with Bible time and prayer journaling, you keep God first (and the to-do list still gets done.) I love the pretty, simple look of the Hope Planner and that it keeps God first in my daily priorities.

I use the daily planner, but the weekly one is great too!

I’m such a fan of The Hope Planner that I am an affiliate with them. So, if you buy through my link, I will earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Read my Disclosure Policy for more.

faith & family as a Christian mom

As you go about day-to-day Christian family life, it can sometimes feel like faith must take a backseat to everything else that is going on. Between the to-do list, everyone’s busy schedules, and trying to get some all-important family time, you might struggle to squeeze in faith activities.  

But when your Christian faith is the center of your days, you’ll find that family life has more meaning, beauty, and joy. 

As you invest in your faith, the Holy Spirit will change you. And as you grow, it will impact your family. It will impact everyone around you! Make sure not to forget your own spiritual life as you’re caring for your kids, investing in your marriage, and managing your home.

Invest time and energy in deepening your relationship with the Lord. You will experience the blessings in so many ways, including family time.

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"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."

Matthew 6:33

faith freebies

what does faith look like as a Christian mom?

Christians are people who know, love, and follow Jesus Christ. For women and moms around the world, there are many denominations around the world, but a few core beliefs for all Christians.

how can I experience spiritual growth?

Like everyone, Christian moms have seasons of growth and seasons that feel more dry. But your daily habits and regular rhythms of life impact your faith. Spiritual growth is an ongoing process.

"Jess delivers practical wisdom from her professional training, grounded in sound Biblical truth. A win-win for this busy Christian mom! Thanks, Jess!"

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