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resources for relationship communication

a biblical resource for strengthening communication between a husband and wife 

instant download to print at home

40 days of Bible readings, devotionals, reflection questions, and communication prompts

a biblical resource for managing impatience, frustration, anger, and all the not-so-fun mama emotions 

instant download to print at home

40 days of Bible readings, devotionals, and reflection questions

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why communication matters

At their best, our family relationships bring us joy, encouragement, value, and fun. But at their worst, we have to deal with disagreement, distance, and distrust. On both ends of the spectrum, a key player is communication

You can say “sure thing, hon” with love or with sarcasm, and be saying something very different each time. And whichever way you mean it will influence the course of that conversation and the direction of the relationship overall.

Communication is more than just what we say. It also includes how we say it, our nonverbal body language, and our tone of voice. It includes what we choose not to say, and how we listen (or fail to listen) to each other. 

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5 keys to good relationship communication

Communication may not always be easy, but the basics of good communication are straightforward. In fact, you’ll find all of them in the book of Proverbs (among other places).

improve communication without talking about it

Of course, relationship communication includes a lot of words. But it is more than that! It also includes nonverbals, actions, and reactions. Consider these possible ways to improve communication.

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