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Keep Your Cool, Mama! A Women’s Devotional for Mom Anger


Keep Your Cool, Mama! helps busy moms deal with impatience, anger, and frustration. As you work through these not-so-fun mama emotions, you will become more and more the woman, wife, & mom God has called you to be. (Digital product)

This women’s devotional helps moms deal with the hard emotions of “mom anger,” the impatience, anger, and frustration that often come with motherhood.

With this devotional, you will walk through some of the most helpful passages in the Bible related to emotional regulation. Emotions such as anger, bitterness, impatience, and frustration are not new struggles. There is a lot in the Bible about how to handle these hard emotions! As you deal with the not-so-fun mama emotions, you will more and more become the woman, wife, and mom that God has called you to be.

What’s included in the Keep Your Cool, Mama! women’s devotional for mom anger?

✔️ 20 in-depth Bible studies

✔️ Daily reflection questions

✔️ Devotionals written by a Christian counselor & pastor’s wife

✔️ Prayer prompts

This devotional journal is perfect for Christian moms managing hard emotions. We all are!

I have designed this women’s devotional for mom anger based on my years of experiences as a licensed counselor, a Christian, wife, and busy mom. Anger management and emotional control are not only a key part of mental health, but also in building loving relationships.

I will not promise to have all the answers. But I will promise that this devotional will draw you closer to the One who does: God Almighty.

In this women’s devotional, you will dive deep into 20 specific Bible passages that focus on our emotions (and how to control them), answering thought-provoking questions and reflecting on the devotional thoughts of a Christian counselor. 

About this product

*This is a digital product. Nothing will be shipped.*

You will receive 1 PDF document that is easy to print at home. Or, pull it up on your tablet or phone to work through the devotional.

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