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Emotional Control

let's learn how to manage emotions well

cover of the Keep Your Cool, Mama! women's devotional for mom anger
cover of the Keep Your Cool, Mama! women's devotional for mom anger

your go-to Bible devotional for emotional control in the hard moments of mom life

A biblical resource for managing impatience, anger, and all the not-so-fun mama emotions.

  • Instant download
  • 40 days of Bible readings, devotional thoughts, prayer prompts, and reflection questions
  • Written by a Christian counselor, pastor’s wife, and mom of 4

you can enjoy those precious family relationships... learning to manage emotions will get you there

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from a Christian counselor

start loving yourself well with these 51 practical, realistic self care ideas for a busy Christian mom


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Emotions can be powerful and overwhelming. And when you’re feeling stretched thin with everything Christian family life requires, it gets tougher to manage the hard emotions.

None of us can care for others if we’re struggling with our own mom anger, mom burnout, or mom guilt. We want to do better. Feel better. Love better.

So let’s work together to build some skills for healthy (and holy) emotions control, so you can love your family well.

Emotions are big.

Your God is bigger.

In my 10+ years as a Christian family counselor, God continues to amaze me by how He strengthens families through ONE person making godly changes.

You can be that one person.

I've written this devotional to help myself and the moms I work with. I know it will help you too.

Dive into God's Word to find the wisdom, help, and encouragement you need to build emotional control.

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build up your family relationships as you learn the skills for emotional control


Pop those earbuds in to grab all of my BEST help for emotional control.

FREE every week on the podcast.

✓ From a Christian counselor

✓ Pastor’s wife

✓ Mom of 4 under 4

… I get it, emotional control is TOUGH! Let’s learn to manage the hard emotions, so we can get back to enjoying Christian family life.

God has great plans for you, my friend. 

In my line of Love Your People Well devotionals, you’ll dive deep into God’s Word to find wisdom, hope, ideas, and encouragement for managing emotions that are getting in the way of enjoying family life. 

Start feeling like you again.


cover image for women's devotional on mom anger called Keep Your Cool, Mama!

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