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Devotionals for Women

daily Bible readings

dive deep into God's Word in each topic area with selected passages

spiritual growth

daily reflection questions, prayer prompts, journaling opportunities, and more

for the busy mom

written for the busyness of real life, by a Christian marriage & family therapist

Finding Your Identity in Christ

... so that you find greater peace, purpose, and joy in daily life.

Building A Home Of Godliness And Joy

... and enjoying every moment of Christian family life

why use a Love Your People Well devotional?

There is nothing more valuable in our busy days than spending time with our Lord. While we struggle with many different trials and stressors, God has wisdom and guidance for every area of life.

That’s why I’ve developed this line of devotionals for women. Each one addresses a common struggle in personal and family life that I see bring people into the counseling room again and again. In each devotional, you’ll not only get to dive into God’s Word about that topic but also reflect on it, apply it to your life, and take in his wisdom, love, and grace.

Jessica Hayes Christian Marriage and Family Therapist
Jessica Hayes
Founder of Love Your People Well

Want more?

We offer plenty of additional resources for your spiritual growth, family life, and emotional wellness.

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