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Christian devotionals

devotionals to help in every area of family life

Christian Devotionals For Every Area Of Family Life

40 Day Devotional For Your Emotional Control

Take control of the hard emotions of motherhood and crush that mom anger.

40 Day Devotional For Joy In Hard Times

Find God's grace and encouragement for your most tiring seasons of motherhood.

Devotional Workbook For Deepening Your Christian Identity

Build your intimacy with the Lord and find greater spiritual growth as you dig into these 8 biblical truths about who you are in Christ.

40 Day Devotional For Communication In Marriage

Deepen your Christian marriage as you build stronger communication patterns.

Devotional Workbook For Building A Godly And Joyful Home

Find God's wisdom for how to create a joy-filled home with strong family relationships.

What you get in every one of my Christian devotionals


Each devotional includes daily Bible readings that are practical, helpful, and which go straight to the core topic you’re covering.


Consider meaningful reflection questions, prayer prompts, and journaling opportunities as you work through each devotional.


I’ve written each devotional from my experience as a Christian marriage & family counselor, pastor’s wife, parenting coach, and mom of 4. 

More Areas Of Christian Family Life:

Why use a Christian devotional from Love Your People Well?

While we struggle with many different trials and stressors, God has wisdom and guidance for every area of life.

That’s why I’ve developed this line of Christian devotionals for women. To give biblical encouragement in key areas of family life!

Each of my Christian devotionals addresses a common struggle in personal and family life that I see bring people into the counseling room again and again. In each devotional, you’ll not only get to dive into God’s Word about that topic but also reflect on it, apply it to your life, and take in his wisdom, love, and grace.

photo of Jessica Hayes Christian counselor and parenting coach
Jessica Hayes
Founder of Love Your People Well


Jess Hayes, LPC, LMFT

You should probably know, I didn’t write these devotionals for you.

I wrote them for me.

Just like you, I’ve struggled to enjoy family life at times – even though it’s the most important thing to me! There are communication breakdowns, anger outbursts, and spiritual dry seasons. 

And along the way, I’ve sought God’s wisdom in his Word. I’ve prayed. I’ve cried. Has it been easy? Nope! But He is faithful, and his Word applies to every area of life – including family relationships.

Over the years, I’ve not only learned and grown as a licensed marriage and family therapist, I’ve worked to live out what God says is true. 

I hope that you find a Christian devotional here that brings you help and hope. And wherever you find help, may it be Christian. Christ-honoring. Christ-centered.

Blessings, my friend!

photo of Jessica Hayes Christian parenting coach and marriage and family counselor