Christian Journaling Prompts for Family Life

dive into  Bible study and self-reflection as you consider your what, why, and how for enjoying Christian family life.

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you want to enjoy family life

Of course you do!

And the best way to make that happen is to be intentional about your home life. To be purposeful in how you create, invest in, and pursue family time.

This resource is designed to help you cut through the distractions of a busy schedule. As you focus in on what truly matters to you about YOUR family life, you’ll find clarity on what to focus on and how to build a home life that you all enjoy. 

In these Christian journaling prompts, you'll get:

✔️ 4 Bible studies diving into core biblical principles of family life

✔️ multiple pages of journaling prompts for self-reflection

✔️ clear space for identifying next steps and actions to take

✔️ encouragement and additional ideas for ongoing support

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