Communicating to Connect: A Women’s Devotional for Marriage


Communicating to Connect is a women’s devotional for marriage communication. Strengthen communication with you husband according to God’s wisdom. With Bible study, reflection questions, conversation starters, and prayer prompts, you’ll deepen your marriage and draw closer to God. (Digital product)

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This marriage devotional helps Christian women strengthen communication in their marriage according to God’s wisdom.

Many marriages struggle with healthy, positive, intimacy-building communication. As a marriage counselor, I have helped hundreds of couples work on relationship communication. And our best source of help comes from the creator of marriage Himself: God Almighty.

Communication is key to a healthy and happy marriage. And God has a lot to say on the topic!

I have designed this product for Christian women based on my years of experiences as a Christian marriage counselor. As a marriage and family therapist, a pastor’s wife, and a busy mom of 4, I know that relationship communication is so important!

As you dive into this 40-day women’s devotional for marriage communication, you will walk you through some of the most helpful passages in the Bible related to communication. Then, you will apply those biblical truths to your own marriage.

What’s included in Communicating to Connect, a women’s devotional for marriage communication?

✔️40 days of Scriptures, reflections, and prayer

✔️20 in-depth Bible studies

✔️ Daily reflection questions

✔️ Devotionals written by a marriage & family therapist and pastor’s wife

✔️ Communication starters

✔️ Prayer prompts

This devotional journal is perfect for Christian women who want to deepen communication in their marriage.

As you dive into God’s Word around the topic of marriage intimacy and communication, you will find yourself growing closer to the Lord and to your husband.

Whether your marriage today is strong or struggling, we always benefit from pressing forward. It not only honors God to invest in our marital communication, it also strengthens our relationship. This women’s devotional for marriage communication will help you find healing, encouragement, and help to enjoy day-to-day life in your marriage more.

About this product

*This is a digital product. Nothing will be shipped.*

You will receive 1 PDF document that is easy to print at home. Or, pull it up on your tablet or phone to work through the devotional.

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