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a top parenting podcast for Christian moms who want to enjoy every minute of family life

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This Christian parenting podcast is for every mom who cares about her faith, wants a happy marriage, and is doing her best for her kids.

You're trying to love your people well.
And you're in the right place.

💕Struggling to grow in your faith?

Let’s go there.

💕Want to learn to manage your emotions?

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if you want to love Christian family life, you're in the right place

Hey friend! I'm Jess.

This is a top Christian parenting podcast for moms who want to soak up every minute of time with their family. 

But you’re busy. The world is distracting. Emotions are hard to manage. Relationships can feel discouraging. I get it. Family life is so important, but sometimes it can be so overwhelming!

I’m Jess, a Christian marriage and family therapist with my own wonderful husband, four energetic kids, and a very busy life. 

The Love Your People Well Podcast is all about building those healthy, happy, and holy family relationships. You want your family life to be fun, peaceful, and meaningful – so let’s make it happen!

Twice a week, I’m on the podcast tackling a different aspect of family life. You’ll get biblical encouragement and practical strategies for everyday life, emotions, communication, and family relationships.

Pop in those earbuds and join me, my friend. I’m glad you’re here.

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cover art for the Christian parenting podcast Love Your People Well

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