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the top parenting podcast for Christian moms who want to truly enjoy family life

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💕 Women who want their marriage and motherhood to matter – not just in the here and now, but for eternity.

💕 Mamas struggling against discouragement that keeps creeping in when family dynamics aren’t quite clicking.

💕 Christian parents who want Jesus to be at the center of their family life, but don’t always feel confident about how to make that happen

💕 Tired moms, exhausted moms, joyful moms, overwhelmed moms, Kingdom-driven moms, stressed out moms… and everyone in between.

💕 Faith-led women who want their home to be a calm and connected place… who are tired of getting distracted and discouraged by the busyness of the world around them.

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if you want to love Christian family life, you're in the right place

Hey friend! I'm Jess.

This is the top Christian parenting podcast for moms who want to soak up every minute of time with their family. 

We all want our busy days to have purpose and meaning. We want to enjoy the small moments alongside the big ones.

And in the chaos and noise, through seasons of discouragement or disappointment, we want to know that our work as moms is meaningful.

I’m Jess, a Christian marriage and family therapist with my own wonderful husband, four energetic kids, and a very busy life. 

Twice a week, I’m on the podcast tackling a different aspect of family life. You’ll get biblical encouragement and practical strategies for everyday life, emotions, communication, and family relationships.

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the Christian parenting podcast helping you ENJOY family life

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