Enjoying Friendships and Hospitality as a Christian Family (Foundational Pillars 101) // Episode 94

What are we talking about today?

We are living in a culture filled with loneliness. Even inside the church, so many people are looking for deeper friendships, authentic community, and meaningful connection.

And even though life is busy as a Christian mom, we are called to love the people around us well. 

But how? What can this look like practically, in a busy schedule, without short-changing our family life or our own needs?

Today, we’ll tackle 3 practical lifestyle changes that will help you and your family love the people around you well.

Ready? Let’s dive in.


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When we’re struggling in our relationships, it is easy to start questioning ourselves. But when we are secure in our identity in Christ, it is much easier to reach out to others and step beyond our comfort zone. As you seek to deepen friendships and connections in your community, take time to make sure you’re clear in your identity. 

Let me also offer a FREE resource that I know will be helpful:

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Today's Episode Highlights

We all need good relationships in our life that go beyond the walls of our home. In fact, everyone in your family needs these outside relationships!

But how do we make space for that in our busy and hectic lives? 

These 3 steps will help.

3 practical steps for loving others well

Step 1: Offer hospitality. “Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.” (Romans 12:13).

Don’t let yourself get distracted or discouraged by the logistics! It’s okay if your house is messy. It’s okay if you need to invite people to do things outside of the house. It’s not about the space, it’s about the connection.

Your whole family can get involved in hospitality, either in your home with a simple meal or activity, or outside of the home with community activities.

Step 2: Intentionally encourage and build up the people who you have a chance to interact with. “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” (1 Thessalonians 5:11)

In every relationship, there are opportunities to offer gratitude, encouragement, and compliments. When a thought pops into your head that might encourage someone, share it! Don’t hold back. 

Plus, consider the impact on your own children as they witness mom encouraging and helping others.

Step 3: Give generously to the people around you. “Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same.” (Luke 3:11)

Generosity is a central feature of the Christian life, and it certainly extends beyond our own family and home life. 

Is there a ministry you are passionate about? Give. An event at your church that needs help? Contribute. A friend in need that you can help? Help!

As you build relationships outside of the home, friendships and beyond, consider ways that you can give and help others. It might be financial, emotional, logistical, or any other type of support – and many times, it will not require a large amount of time!

Resources to help

In the Friday Faith Follow-up episode below, I share about 5 resources that will help you love others well. If you’re seeking to deepen your friendships and community relationships, these resources will help.

  1. It costs nothing and hopefully you’re already involved: plug in at your local church!
  2. Go deeper in your relationship with the Lord with the Devotional Workbook: Finding Your Identity in Christ.
  3. Find tips and tricks to reduce conflict in your relationships with the free 10-Point Conflict Resolution Checklist.
  4. The Hope Planner helps me keep track of everything going on and make space for the things… like friendships… that I am prioritizing.
  5. Find simple weekly planners in my Etsy shop.

Friday Faith Follow-up

The reality is, we can – and must! – find ways to make friendships, hospitality, generosity, and service into our lives. Yes, even as busy moms! It is possible. And in this short episode, I’m sharing a few of my favorite tools that help me to do this and that will help YOU to do this too. 

(Episode coming soon.)

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