What Is God’s Role Versus Your Role in Your Christian Family Life? A Look at Psalm 91. // Episode 89

What are we talking about today?

Ever struggle with trying to control what’s happening for your family? As Christian moms, we take so much ownership of what’s happening in our marriage, our home, and our children’s lives. 

Yes, we need to take those things seriously. Yes, we have responsibilities to our family. But, mama, you are not in control. And that’s what we’re looking at today as we dive into Psalm 91 in our Summertime in the Psalms series. 

Who is in control: you… or God? Who do you really want to be in control: you… or God?

Let’s dive in.

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Today's Episode Highlights

What wisdom can we get from the psalms? Plenty!!

Today, let’s look at Psalm 91 together to learn about God, ourselves, and to seek his wisdom for Christian family life.

What happens when I trust God?

In this short psalm, we see several truths about trusting and following God. 

Verses 1-8 tell us… If I trust and follow God, He will save me, He will cover me, and I need not fear death or destruction.

Followed by verses 9-13, which tell us… If I trust and follow God, no ultimate harm will overtake me, He will guard me and protect me, and I will conquer. 

Clearly, following God leads to GOOD things!

The psalm closes out by telling us what we can expect because we love God: He will rescue me, protect me, and when I call on him He will answer me, deliver me, honor me, and show me salvation. 

My summary of Psalm 91

As we consider these truths, I find it helpful to summarize these deep truths. And here it is:

As I love, trust, and follow God, I can REST in his faithful, protective love.

I don’t need to try to be in control of my family life – I can trust that God is in control!

Although I can never expect things in life to always go my way, I can rest in God’s love. And I can help my family to do the same. 

God's role VS my role

One of the things that I love about Psalm 91 is that it is very clear about who God is and what He does verses what we do. Let’s consider together:

… Who is God? My refuge (v. 2, 9), fortress (v2), Most High (v9), my dwelling (v9), my rescuer (v.14), my protector (v14), my savior (v16)

… What does GOD do? saves (v3), covers me (v4), protects (vv4-7), punishes the wicked (v8), commands his angels concerning me (v11), guards me (v11), rescues (v14), answers (v15), stands with me in trouble (v15), delivers (v15), honors (v15), gives life (v16), satisfies (v16), gives salvation (v16)

… What do I do? dwell (v1), rest (v1), trust (v2), praise (v2), never fear (vv5-6), observe (v8), make God my dwelling (v9), tread on lion and cobra and serpent (v13), acknowledge God’s Name (v14), call on God (v15)

While God is doing all the heavy lifting, I am dwelling resting, and praising. All I need to do is rest in him. Call on him. Trust him. And let him do his thing!

Three take-aways for family life

With these truths about God’s role and my role in mind, I find 3 helpful and practical take-aways for myself as a mom leading my Christian family. 

  1. Develop godly family habits, especially prayer. 
  2. Teach my kids WHO God is, WHAT He does, and HOW we respond.
  3. Live by faith day in and day out, trusting God and praying always.

Are these things easy? Of course not! But as we see in this psalm, they are incredibly important. They not only help us individually draw near to God, but help us shepherd our children into deeper faith and spiritual growth too.

If you’re struggling with these three steps, make sure to grab my FREE Holy Habits 45-Day Bible & Prayer Challenge. It will help you develop this godly habit, build confidence in understanding God and showing him to your kids, and deep your daily faith walk with the Lord.

Friday Faith Follow-up

Christian family life is hectic. Busy. And sometimes, filled with trouble and hardship. Jesus promised that we would have trouble in this world! (John 16:33) But He also promised to give us peace, rest, and joy. Join me in this short follow-up episode as we pray through Psalm 91 for our families, seeking the rest and peace that God promises as we trust in him.

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