Forget That Mom Guilt! Bless Your Family By Taking Time For These 3 Practical Self-Care Plan Action Steps (Foundational Pillars 101) // Episode 91

What are we talking about today?

Living well as a Christian mom is not always easy – but it is much easier when we keep our priorities straight!

And a big part of that means we don’t neglect ourselves while we’re so busy taking care of everyone else. 

So today, we’re looking at one of the foundational pillars of healthy Christian family life: loving yourself well. It’s more than just self care. We need to protect our mental health, our physical bodies, our emotions and our hearts… or we’ll burn out as we care for everyone else. 

Ready for some practical ideas for how to love yourself well in the busyness of family life?

Let’s dive in.

Listen to Episode 91:

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For many of us, the big hangup in taking time for ourselves is that we are not well grounded in our IDENTITY. Who am I? Why do I matter? It’s not just about how you take care of the people around you. In Christ, you have incredible value, purpose, and you are loved. Dive into 8 truths about your identity in Christ in this devotional workbook.

Let me also offer a FREE resource that I know will be helpful:

  • If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for a quick “self care” or relaxation activity, grab my free 51 Self Care Ideas List.

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Today's Episode Highlights

One of the pillars of this podcast – AND of a healthy Christian family life – is to take care of yourself. To love yourself well. 

I know, mom guilt gets in the way. 

Yes, you’re busy and stretched thin.

Sure, there are a thousand other things you could be doing. 

But make sure that these 3 practical action steps are a part of your life, if you don’t want to burn out by spending ALL of your energy on caring for others!

3 action steps for loving yourself well

For starters, you have to know yourself well. This might mean journaling, asking yourself some hard questions, or simply observing your own habits and preferences. We all need to know the good and the bad about ourselves, without judgment! There is no “should” here. Just figuring out what do you like (and not like), what relaxes you (or stresses you), do you recharge in a large group or by yourself… and so forth. 

Second, have a regular rhythm that defines your days, weeks, and months. This will help you to stay grounded and experience less anxiety and stress in the day-to-day busyness of family life. Plus, this type of rhythm gives a sense of purpose to your hectic days.  

Finally, be intentional to apply gratitude to yourself.. It is so easy to overlook! Don’t jump to conclusions, highlight your failures, or focus on your stress. The Lord calls us to be thankful, and that is not only true about things outside of ourselves. Just like you want your kids to have a positive inner self talk, you should do that for yourself too. 

Some helpful resources for you

I am a big fan of having helpful tools and resources to work through tough areas of life. In the Friday Faith Follow-up episode below, I share more about the following resources. Here are the links if you want to check them out!

Friday Faith Follow-up

In today’s short episode, I’m sharing 4 resources that help ME love myself well and take care of myself… even as a busy mom with four little ones at home. Want some encouragement and help? This episode is for you! The links for these resources are above.

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