Mom Hacks For Getting A Devotional Time On The Regular

Practical tips that will help you carve out a godly devotional time every day – no matter how busy you are.

Wishing for a more regular devotional time?

Reading the Bible and spending time in prayer is important for EVERY Christian. But perhaps it’s most important for those of us dealing with toddler tantrums, whining kids, never-ending housework…

We need the patience and joy that only the Lord can give us!

The problem is: you’re busy. I know you’re busy, because you’re a mom! Of course you’re busy. And a devotional time takes… time.

But guess what? While there are easily 89 things you can do today that are productive and good, none of those things are as important as making time to be with God, grow spiritually, and help your kids know and follow Jesus. 

So, let’s look at some practical tips and real-life mom hacks to sneak in that devotional time on the regular – even when you’re super busy.

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Does a regular devotional time really matter?

There is a simple answer for this one: YES!

Family life can be exhausting and overwhelming. But if you want to find joy, peace, and purpose in all of it, you need to stay connected to Jesus. 

Just think about what Jesus tells us in John 14 – He is the vine, and we are the branches. We only bear good fruit if we “abide” in him. 

That means that spending time with Jesus is really important. He is our rest, our peace, our wisdom, our patience. Can you really enjoy life without him?

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If you’re on the fence about putting in a little effort to get a more regular devotional time, let me remind you – 

  • You cannot pour from an empty cup. You need to be refreshed by the Lord regularly!
  • There is no good fruit in your life or parenting without Jesus.
  • Mom life is tiring and overwhelming, and Jesus tells us to come to him when we feel weary and burdened. (Matthew 11:28)

Don’t worry: It is definitely possible to get a more regular devotional time, no matter how busy you are! 

What is a devotional time?

So you know that a devotional time is important, and you want to do it more often… but what does a devotional time even look like as a busy mom?

Don’t worry – there are a lot of ways to have a great devotional time!

At its most basic level, a devotional time is time spent (1) reading the Bible, and (2) praying to God.

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It doesn’t need to be complicated. You don’t have to spend an hour reading and studying. But you will definitely get the most out of a devotional time if you do a few things:

  1. Be intentional. This is time for you + God. 
  2. Read the Bible in context. Just a verse here and there is not going to help you grow spiritually.
  3. Pray even when it feels like nothing is happening. It isn’t really about how you’re feeling, it’s about the God who is always listening.
  4. Make it a habit! Devotional time is not a magic wand, but habits can have a big impact on us.

If you’re feeling stuck on how to read the Bible, how to pray, or how to make this a regular habit in your life – grab my FREE guide called Holy Habits: A 45-Day Bible & Prayer Challenge. It’s a perfect, easy way to get started and build your confidence!

The 3 big ingredients for your devotional time

In just a minute, we’ll look at some mom hacks for actually sneaking that devotional time into your busy schedule. 

But first, let me highlight the 3 big things that you need for your quiet time to be meaningful.

1. Get what you need.

The biggest thing that helps me have a daily devotional time is that I have a cute box with everything I need. It has my Bible, a journal, a few pens, some notecards, and my Hope Planner. I love that box, and I’m always ready to go!

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2. Schedule it in your real-life planner.

A mom’s schedule might change all the time, but you probably have some regular rhythms to your day. So schedule in your devotional time!

My absolute favorite scheduler that helps me do this is the Hope Planner. It’s designed so the devotional time is FIRST and then the rest of your to-do list and schedule flows from there. It might be just want you need! 

3. Be realistic: don't have a plan that only works if everything is perfect.

Some tips for this are coming right up! But let’s just make sure that as you make a plan for your regular devotional time, it’s a real-life plan that allows for interruptions, sick kids, a messy table, and all the other stuff of mom life.

How to have a devotional time in the morning

In mom life, there are 3 chunks of the day: before the kids wake up, while the kids are awake, and after the kids are asleep. 

So let’s start at the beginning…

Can you get up before your kids are awake to sneak in a devotional time?

Personally, this is my favorite time to get a quiet time in for Bible reading and prayer! I like the quiet house. I only drink hot coffee, not lukewarm. I snuggle with a blanket, grab my box of devotional time things, and LOVE IT ALL.

Except, of course, the alarm clock that wakes me up.

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Pros and cons of a morning devotional time

There are two really big “pros” for trying to get your devotional time done before the kids wake up, or at least in the morning time. 

  • You generally have more control over if it happens or not. Do you set an alarm? Is the coffee pre-set so it’s ready to go?
  • This option means that you start your day strong. Yes, with strong and hot coffee! But more importantly, with the wisdom and grace of Jesus.

I love the morning for my devotional time because it’s quiet, I can snuggle with a blanket and coffee, and – in all honesty – if I don’t do it in the morning, I usually forget to do it later.

But, there are also two big “cons” for choosing this time option:

  • Moms need SLEEP! You’ll never get enough sleep as a mom of littles. And this devotional time plan means you’re missing out on more sleep. 
  • There are other important things you can also use this pre-kid time too. You might also be trying to prioritize exercise or getting some work done.

Mom hacks for making a morning devotional time happen

If you want to try out the morning, before-the-kids-wake-up block of time, here are a few of my best life hacks for making it actually happen.

  • Work on a good bedtime routine – for yourself!
  • Set an alarm… and maybe a second alarm.
  • Get a pretty box for all of your devotional time materials, so you enjoy looking at it.
  • The night before, get your spot ready. Put out the box, a blanket, and whatever else you need.
  • Tell your husband your plan! He may be helpful for accountability. 
  • Try exercising and showering the night before, so you’re ready to go.
  • Make a family devotional out of this personal quiet time – write down a Scripture on a notecard each morning as YOU read the Bible, and make that part of family breakfast devotions.

How to have a devotional time during the day

Your second time frame is to aim for a devotional time during the day. Of course, this might look very different if you’re working full-time, if your kids are in school or not, if you’re homeschooling, or whatever your days look like!

With this option, there is 1 big pro and 1 big con:

  • THE PRO: You get to model Bible reading and prayer for your kids. This is so great for them to see! And it might hold you more accountable to do it during the day. 
  • THE CON: There are going to be a lot of distractions during the day. I mean, come on… you’re a mom. There will be a never-ending list of chores, plenty of whining kids and sibling arguments. Distraction might be really hard.

Mom hacks for making a daytime devotional time happen

If you’re going for this option, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you be successful. 

  • Set a scheduled time during your day. Maybe it’s your lunch break, during nap time, or at 10:15 AM every day. Plan it out. 
  • Get your kids their own devotional to do alongside you.
  • Have a special bin for “Bible time activities” that your kids can do while you read your Bible, so they are distracted. (My easy printable Bible Activities & Games For Kids might be a great starting point!)
  • Have a devotional that’s pretty quick and easy to do without a ton of time. 
  • Keep a good perspective: expect to be interrupted and distracted!
  • Engage your kids by reading out loud to them. 
  • Make a list with your kids of prayer requests and let them check off items as you pray out loud. 
  • Turn it into a family devotional time and ask your kids questions or have them act things out. 
  • Write your prayers on notecards so you can pull them out and read through them each day. You can pray with your kids too!
  • Have a special snack or treat that you only get to enjoy during your devotional time.

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How to have a devotional time at night

The last option for your regular devotional time is at night, after the kids have gone to bed. 

The pros and cons of this option are a little similar to choosing the morning time, before your kids are awake.

Pros and cons of an evening devotional time

Two of my favorite reasons to choose an evening devotional time are the “pros” here:

  • You have more control over it happening. There are fewer distractions and interruptions once the kids are in bed. (I won’t pretend there’s NO interruptions…)
  • This is a great chance to review the day. You can reflect on what went well, what didn’t, and use the day’s events to lead your prayer time.

But, of course, there are some “cons” to choosing this option. The big two that I see are:

  • You’re tired! What mom isn’t exhausted by the time her kids are in bed? It’s easy to rush through your Bible reading or fall asleep while you’re praying. 
  • This is also a key time for intimacy with your husband. If you want to enjoy married life, what happens in the bedroom after the kids are asleep is a big part of that.

Mom hacks for making an evening devotional time happen

For a lot of moms, nighttime is a great time for a quiet devotional time with the Lord. So if you’d like to try it out, here are some tips for making it successful:

  • Do the same Bible reading plan or devotional book as your husband, so you can discuss together at night.
  • Write down your prayers, to help you focus.
  • Have a pen and paper to jot down interrupting thoughts. 
  • Use an audio Bible so you can get some devotional time while cleaning at the end of the day.
  • Have a special cup of tea or other nighttime snack that you only pull out during your evening devotional time. 
  • Avoid doing your devotional time in bed, if you think you’ll fall asleep. 
  • Focus on intimacy in your marriage in other creative ways (but don’t ignore the after-the-kids-are-in-bed intimacy time!).
  • Lighting a candle and engaging your 5 senses as much as possible can help you focus.

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Don't give up on your goal of a regular devotional time!

Chances are, you’ve already tried some of these tips before. You might be feeling really burned out and discouraged by your efforts to get a regular quiet time with the Lord. 

But don’t give up!

The more comfortable and confident you feel in reading the Bible, the more likely you are to do it. So, maybe you want to start with my FREE 45-day Bible and Prayer Challenge that will get you started with a new habit.

Other times, you have some routine but you just don’t have a devotional that’s engaging you right now. If that’s you, check out my devotionals to dive into God’s Word about important areas of family life. 

Other times, it’s the schedule and the craziness of life that keeps getting in the way. Things just keep coming up. 

This was me.


A devotional time is not a magic wand to an easy life... but it does matter.

Let’s face it – mom life is BUSY! I’ve got 4 kids and none of them are past preschool. The days are long, tiring, and busy. 

But I know the incredible value that I get from a regular devotional time – and I know it will be valuable for you too. 

One of my BEST tools for actually getting that devotional time to happen is using The Hope Planner. I love it!

(Actually, this past year someone gifted me a fancy different planner, and after 2 months I spent my own money to get the Hope Planner. I needed it.) 

There is no magic wand that will create a devotional time for you – and even when you get it, life isn’t suddenly peace and joy all day long. Kids are still kids, and family relationships still have ups and downs. 

But it helps. When Jesus is at the center of your family life, everything changes. Don’t wait. Don’t give up. Fight for that time with Him. Ask for his help to make it happen, and then keep trying new tips until your rhythm is down!

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