The Holy Habits 45-Day Bible And Prayer Challenge

a free resource to help you develop daily habits for spiritual growth

Bible reading and prayer

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Habits are hard.
Habits are powerful.

Holy Habits will help you develop a DAILY habit of getting into God’s Word (the Bible) and talking to him regularly (prayer). It will provide specific questions to guide your thinking about the Scriptures and a tangible prayer list to guide your time talking with God. Then, 45 days of Bible passages are listed out, which will take you through some of the most famous stories of the Bible.

Why 45 days?

Research suggests that it takes between 21-30 days of repeating a behavior or routine for it to become a habit. When you spend 45 days in a row opening the Bible and praying to God, you’ll be on a great pace to continue a new holy habit – one that will amp up your spiritual growth and bless your faith journey!

If you want spiritual growth and intimacy with Jesus, you are in the right place. 

To develop daily habits for spiritual growth, just grab this free resource today and commit the next 45 days to spending time with God’s Word in the Bible and in prayer.

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I am praying for you, sweet friend, as you dive into God's Word and seek to grow closer to him!