4 Daily Habits You Need As A Christian Mom To Hold Onto A Godly Mindset // Episode 116

Having a godly mindset will give you purpose and focus during hard seasons of family life. Make sure to build daily habits that reinforce a biblical perspective.

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daily habits for a biblical perspective

Your perspective on life has EVERYTHING to do with how much you enjoy life. 

And when you hold onto a Christian mindset, a right and biblical perspective on life as a wife, mom, and Christian, you will enjoy family life so much more! There is so much purpose in what we do every day as Christian moms. And there can be so much joy. 

But the world is hard. Family life has its frustrations and disappointments. Faith has dry seasons that raise doubts and struggles. 

That, my friend, is when these daily habits will help you most. 

If you can build your habits from the things that are truly most important to you, those habits will keep you focused and purposeful when life is not going according to plan. 

So today, we’re taking a look at 4 daily habits that will help you maintain a biblical perspective, a godly mindset, and a positive attitude.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

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Time and time again in the counseling room, I’ve seen women’s lives change as they shifted their perspective. 

When we have answers to the deepest questions of life, we find purpose and clarity. 

Who am I trying to be? What is my purpose? Who am I trying to be? What is most important to me?

As a Christian, our identity is found in Christ.

And it is this identity that shapes our perspective and gives us a godly mindset. 

You see, everything that you do for your family matters. But as you invest energy in your marriage, care for your kids, manage the house, and pour our your energy and emotion… it’s easy to start to question it all. 

That is when your perspective on life really matters.

your perspective shapes you

Currently, we are diving deep into a mini-series on Proverbs 14:1. A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands. 

How does your perspective influence the building up (or tearing down) of your home?

It shapes who you are, how you react, and what you do.

The reality is, family life is hard work. And when you’re feeling discouraged, your perspective will shape how you respond to that emotion. Or, when you’re distracted, you’ll find a godly mindset will keep you focused on your true priorities. 

Perspective influences how you respond to the big and little moments of your day. The good and the bad. 

So, you might be asking…

what is a right perspective?

There are a lot of things that can be included in a “right perspective.” But ultimately, it is only right if it is godly and biblical. 

God created the world, your family, and you. He knows what is right. He knows what is good. 

I would encourage you to take some time and reflect on these free Christian journaling prompts. (Heck, I’d encourage you to go deep and do a full devotional on Building a Home of Godliness and Joy!)

But no matter what your answers are to some private reflection and journaling, there are two important points that I want to highlight. 

right perspective #1: seek God's Kingdom first

“… seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Matthew 6:33a

A right perspective means seeking God’s Kingdom and his righteousness first. 

Yes, there are plenty of things in your family life that you can worry about, plan for, and focus on. But seek God first.

And don’t spend time in the Bible or in prayer only to get something that you want. Yes, God wants you to share your struggles, emotions, desires, and needs. He loves it when you share this with him! 

But first and foremost, time with God is about finding joy in HIM.

Seek him first. 

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right perspective #2: people always matter

Another key point in a godly mindset and a right, biblical perspective is to remember that people matter. 

You see, sometimes, when people are disappointing you (or maybe you’re disappointing yourself) it can be tempting to start to push it aside. To try to pretend that it doesn’t matter. 

It always matters!

You matter. Your husband and kids matter. Friends, neighbors, co-workers – they all matter. 

Even when there is conflict, frustration, or distance between us, people matter. Your family life matters. 

So when you’re feeling discouraged, distracted, or distant, hold onto that right perspective: your effort and care for your people (including yourself!) always matters. 

daily habits #1: prayer

Okay. Now that you believe me that your perspective is really, really important, let’s look at 4 daily habits that will help you hold onto that perspective. When you’re feeling stressed, tired, or discouraged, these habits can help!

Prayer. Yes! This should be a DAILY habit. 

Prayer is a lifeline for every Christian mom. Truly, for every Christian!

And one specific prayer that can make a big impact on your perspective is to pray Psalm 90:12 – “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

If you really look at how short life is and how quickly time passes by, your perspective will change.

Do toddlers color on the walls, spill their juice, and whine for almost no reason at all? Yes. 

Will you miss these cute and cuddly years when they are teens? Yes!

Ask the Lord to give you wisdom, so that you may have a right perspective on how important these daily moments are, and build your home well during the time you have today.

daily habits #2: photographs

You probably have some photos framed and hanging on the wall. Maybe you even have an album or book of photos laying on a shelf. 

And I know you have thousands of photos stored on your phone. 

But are you looking at them?

Photographs are a great, simple reminder throughout your day! They instantly remind you of the people who really matter. 

When you’re feeling discouraged, frustrated, irritated, or anything else, take a second look at a photograph. Pause for just a moment. Let the photo make you smile. 

Make it a daily habit to actually look at your photos, enjoy them, and be reminded of how special your family really is.

daily habits #3: pennies

Have you ever read the book 936 Pennies: Discovering the Joy of Intentional Parenting?

I’ll be honest, I haven’t. But I love the idea presented in it!

Actually, this is an idea that my mother-in-law embraced when her youngest was born. (My sister-in-law.) She filled a jar with 1 penny for every day that her daughter would be in the home with her. Enough to take her through her 18th birthday. And then, as time went by, they removed a penny every day. 

What a powerful visual reminder of time passing by. 

Now, I know that for some people this would be far too emotional and distressing. That’s fine – you do not have to keep a penny jar!

But I would definitely encourage you to build a daily habit that includes some visual reminder of time with your children passing. 

Maybe it’s a yardstick in the corner where you track their height every year. Or perhaps a thankfulness jar, putting in small notes to remind yourself of cute things your kids did or special moments for your family. 

Or, maybe, it’s a penny jar. 

Get a visual reminder of time passing, and let your daily glance at it be a reminder to prioritize what really matters. It will help you keep a right perspective on the days when things feel like they’re falling apart.

daily habits #4: pause

This may be an odd habit. 

You can add a habit like “pray” into your daily schedule. Check! And you can  put visuals around yourself, like photographs or jars of pennies, to be a constant reminder of what is most important and how quickly it passes. 

It’s really tough to build the habit of pausing – but you definitely should. 

What do I mean by pausing?

Well, here’s a recent example for me. Lately, my littles guy (he’s now 6-months old) has stopped sleeping through the night. 

(That’s right: he was sleeping 12 hours overnight, and he stopped. Horror!) But when I paused during a 2AM nursing to look at his sweet face, I was reminded that this season will pass so quickly. 

I don’t particularly like waking up in the middle of the night. But I absolutely love snuggling my baby. There is nothing more special than time one-on-one with a kiddo, snuggling close and knowing that he needs me. 

He won’t need me like this forever. By pausing to notice the actual moment I was in, I’ve had such a different perspective on these middle-of-the-night wakings! They are special moments of connection that will pass far too quickly.

use daily habits to keep a right perspective

Whatever daily habits you choose to focus on, make sure that they matter. 

You might have daily habits around how your family does mealtime, when you exercise, or shows you watch in the evening. 

But you know that the family mealtime habit has a much deeper significance and a longer-lasting impact than the shows you’re watching in the evening. 

My friend, don’t rush through life. Be purposeful with your time, because it shapes your perspective.

Your children grow up too quickly. And even a great marriage can get stuck in a rut before you realize it. 

A wise woman builds her home… probably through some awesome daily habits that keep her focused on what truly matters in life.

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The Daily Habit of Loving God Well… Keep A Right Perspective With This Devotional In Psalm 90

The Friday Faith Follow-up on the Love Your People Well Podcast

One of your best daily habits as a Christian mom is building a habit of prayer.  Prayer will take you into the Lord’s presence, and invite him to take charge – our Lord who is all-powerful, all-knowing, all-good, and always faithful. 

You see, it’s basically impossible to hold onto a positive attitude during hard and frustrating moments of your day… UNLESS you had a right perspective on God. 

So join me for a devotional through Moses’ prayer in Psalm 90. As we build a right perspective on God, we’ll find it much easier to hold onto a godly mindset and positive attitude in our day-to-day family life. 

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