Marriage & Motherhood… why it’s so hard, why it matters so much, and my #1 tip for doing it all well // Episode 50

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What are we talking about today?

Has your marriage ever been a struggle? What about your motherhood These two incredibly important relationships are sometimes much harder than we expect!

We often feel alone in that struggle, but my friend, you are not alone. Today we’re being real and vulnerable together to talk about the hard parts of marriage and motherhood. But we can’t stop there! We’ll also consider together why these family relationships are so important. 

And I’ll share my #1 tip for engaging in and enjoying your family life, even when it’s hard. 

Ready? Let’s dive in, friend.

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Today's Episode Highlights

I want to be real with you today, friend. Marriage is hard. Motherhood is hard too! Yet we often walk into these important roles with rose-colored glasses… and then feel disappointed and discouraged when we struggle. 

If you’ve felt this way, you are not alone. 

Today I’ll share 5 reasons why we struggle in family life, and 5 reasons why these relationships really are so important. Plus, I’ll close with my #1 tip for truly enjoying and investing in marriage and motherhood!

(You’ll definitely get the most out of listening to the full episode.)

Also, if you aren’t yet familiar with my personal story of marriage and motherhood, head on over to listen to Episode 1 (intro to the new podcast) and Episode 2 (my story). 

Why is this a struggle?

  • The natural consequences of original sin make marriage and motherhood hard.

“In this world you will have trouble,” Jesus tells us in John 16:33. We can expect trouble, especially in our most important parts of life. Plus, God’s initial consequences for sin (see Genesis 3) are for the woman to struggle in her marriage and in childbearing. 

  • Marriage and motherhood both require daily sacrifice… and this is hard!

For these relationships to work, we have to sacrifice our desires, wants, and preferences. This is no fun! It’s hard work, especially on a daily basis. 

  • Sin (our own sin and that of our husband and children)

Simply put, sin hurts us. It hurts our relationships. When we sin, it makes our family life harder. And when the people we are closest to sin – which they all will! – it splash up on us and impacts our lives. Sometimes in big and significant ways. Until heaven, we live in a world of temptation and sin. 

  • It is difficult to control emotions when we see people day in and day out.

Emotions are always difficult to control, but it is particularly hard when we see each other all day, every day. Your family sees you at your best and worst. That is a struggle!

  • We listen to lies from Satan.

We deal with all sorts of lies making themselves at home in our mind. The Enemy tells us we’re all alone. That we’re not enough. That we’re failing. That we’re the only ones struggling. My friend, these are lies. Yet, we listen to them, and we struggle.

Why this really does matter

If God puts you in these roles, they are the two most important roles you’ll have. 

  1. This is biblical! Before sin ever occurred, God created marriage and motherhood. See Genesis 2. 
  2. Our family has the greatest impact on our daily happiness and joy! (Or, lack thereof.) If we want to enjoy life, these relationships matter.
  3. The incredible impact these roles give us on the work and the future. Marriage reflects Christ’s relationship with the church. And Deuteronomy 6 gives an important picture of a parent’s role in shaping the next generation of Christians. 
  4. We are sanctified in these family relationships. When we struggle, we have opportunity to grow in holiness.
  5. As a mom, your biggest impact on the world will be your kids. We don’t know what they will do for the world, but there is great potential. And their souls are eternal. Don’t think that your marriage doesn’t impact this too!

My #1 tip

Apply God’s Word to your marriage and motherhood. 

Specifically, live out Matthew 6:33 – “Seek first his [God’s] Kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” 

A few other verses that say the same thing and help us live this out

  • Colossians 3:1-3 (set you heart and mind on things ABOVE where Christ is)
  • Philippians 4:8 (think about godly things: the true, good, beautiful, etc)
  • Proverbs 3:5-6 (trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him and he will make your paths straight)

The more that we seek to live for God, the better we will enjoy our marriage and our motherhood.

Friday Faith Follow-up

Episode 50.5 is our Friday Faith Follow-up! This short bonus episode shares some of my personal experiences choosing to seek God’s righteousness instead of follow my own comfort or emotions… and how those moments have strengthened my marriage and my motherhood more than any other. I hope you find it encouraging and helpful!

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