5 Tips To Avoid Holiday Stress By Creating Special Family Moments During The Holidays

Don’t just survive the holidays. Use these 5 tips to avoid holiday stress by creating special family moments during the holidays.

Christmas family Dad and Son playing together during the holidays

Family time during the holidays

The holidays can be joyful, fun, memorable… 

And also busy, stressful, and full of colorful distractions.

But since I know you’re here to figure out how to best ENJOY your family during this busy holiday season, we’re going to make it happen! I want to share 5 tips to avoid holiday stress by creating meaningful moments with your family.

Let’s strengthen those family relationships stress-free. Ready?

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Special opportunities during the holidays

One of the best things about family time during the holidays is that it is special. There are so many unique opportunities this time of year that just look and feel a little different than other times of year. 

Most of us have some powerful memories of past Thanksgivings, Christmases, or New Years celebrations. Now, you get to create special memories with your own family! Help your kids enjoy special memories during the holidays this year.

Plenty of things during the holidays will threaten to distract you, cause conflict, or pull your family in too many different directions.

But guess what? You’re the mom! There is so much of that in your control. You just need some helpful tips to avoid holiday stress and make the most of your family time during the holidays.

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5 tips to avoid holiday stress by strengthening your family bond

So, what are some of these unique holiday opportunities?

In some ways, they will depend on your family. Do you have special big family gatherings every year? Does it snow before Thanksgiving or are you celebrating Christmas by decorating a sunny palm tree?

You can start by embracing your unique family traditions and special things of your home and location. Find out what’s going on in town and have fun with those holiday activities.

But in every town and every family, here are 5 tips to avoid holiday stress and instead, intentionally focus your time and energy on what matters most during the holidays.

1. Talk

You’ll spend time together doing special holiday events and having time off work and school – so use that time to TALK more with your family!

As you spend time talking about meaningful things, you’ll feel less and less stressed. This is an easy time of year to share fun memories, talk about your dreams for the new year, or discuss favorite Bible stories .

This is a time of year when it’s more normal to talk about fun family memories, share deep dreams for the new year, and discuss Bible stories that might otherwise get overlooked.

If you’re not sure where to start, don’t let that spark your stress! Just ask your family members questions about themselves.

  • What is their favorite thing about Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years?
  • Ask for a favorite holiday memory.
  • What are big memories from the past year?
  • What are their goals and hopes for the new year?
  • Why do they want the things on their Christmas wish list?

2. Time

During the holidays, it is very natural (and important!) to spend more TIME together. 

Can this increase your holiday stress? Well, it could… if you focus on the things, the activities, and fill the schedule too much.

But this tip can actually help you avoid holiday stress if you allow yourself to focus on the truly special and meaningful family opportunities.

Stressed about all the baking? Invite your kids to join you. Feeling some anxiety about all the shopping and gift giving? Wrap presents while you watch Christmas movies together. Hopefully, you can even take extra time off work for fun family time. 

WANT MORE? Try a family Christmas devotional. It will give you specific and special things to talk about during the holidays this year.

3. Technology

Make sure that your family holiday time is spent with each other… not with TECHNOLOGY. 

Yes, it’s fun to post cute Christmas photos and share drool-worthy pictures of your Thanksgiving pies. But for a lot of people, the more time spent on your phone and social media, the more stress you will feel. And, those social media posts only steal your attention from the people right in front of you. They don’t strengthen your family relationships. 

Put the smartphone down and look at each other. If you’re watching movies, football, or anything else, do it together. Set boundaries on technology time – including your own!) – especially during the holidays.

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4. Thoughtfulness

The holidays are such a great time to do a little bit extra for your family and for those around you. Find ways to show extra THOUGHTFULNESS and truly enjoy the season!

Don’t let your primary focus be the presents, the food, or the decorations.  It’s not truly important, and it just creates stress!

You might want to plan a special service opportunity with your family or invite your neighbors to join some of your celebrations.

And make sure to include each family members’ favorite things in the calendar during the holidays – be thoughtful toward them too.

WANT MORE? Grab my free Christian Journaling Prompts to get started thinking about thoughtfulness in your family life.

5. Thankfulness

There is a cultural focus on THANKFULNESS during the holidays, and this is a great way to strengthen family relationships. 

Talk about gratitude. Share what you’re thankful for about each other. Notice wonderful things about the holidays and mention them out loud. Talk positively about other people.

And if you can’t… bite your tongue! Keep your family focused on thankfulness during the holidays, and enjoy the bond that it develops between you.

I hope that these 5 tips to avoid holiday stress by focusing on family moments are helpful. These are not the only ways to crush stress and enjoy family time, but it’s a great start!

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