Tips To Prevent Your Christian Family Holidays From Turning Into A Disaster… And Ideas For What To Do If Things Fall Apart Anyway // Episode 109

Tips to prevent your family holidays from turning into a disaster… and ideas for what to do if things fall apart anyway

What are we talking about today?

Anytime there is a special event going on, there is extra space for things to fall apart. Emotions are higher, schedules are disrupted, memories are being made… and sometimes that means hurt feelings, conflict, and disappointment. 

Christmas does not always create the memories that we want. 

So today, we’re looking at 4 practical tips to AVOID disaster in your family holiday, plus 4 tips for how to RESPOND in the aftermath of disaster if it does happen. If things fall apart and feelings get hurt, there is hope. 

Let’s dive in.

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How Christmas connects to our daily experience as Christian moms

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Today's Episode Highlights

I hope that you love the holidays. That it is a time of joy, fun, and happy nostalgic memories.

The problem is, relationships can still struggle during the holidays!

When family gets together, conflict and drama is often not far behind. So if you’re having a get-together for the holidays (or, truly, any time of year) and you’re a little worried about the hot-button issues that might come up, try the tips below.

4 tips to prevent a holiday disaster

Trying to avoid disaster? To help everyone get together and actually enjoy the time (all of it)?

  • Clarify your expectations and make sure they are realistic! Who is coming? What might go wrong? What are you most worried about?
  • Pray about the holiday. Name your concerns and take them to the Lord. 
  • Prep ahead of time for any topics or situations that you know are likely to create stress, conflict, or trouble. What can YOU say or do to influence the holiday for good?
  • Be prepared with items of gratitude that you can talk about, share, and compliment others with. Disaster is far less likely when people feel appreciated.

4 tips for restoring a peaceful home

Unfortunately, even with our very best efforts, we cannot force people to get along. It is still possible that your family gathering will fall apart! And if it does, try these 4 tips to restore relationships and peace.

  • Purposefully think about what did go well during the holiday. We often dwell on negative events, so choose to focus on what you did enjoy.
  • Take time for yourself to recharge and refresh. This may include quiet time with God, alone time, or a fun outing with a loved one so that you can reconnect.
  • Pray over what happened and seek peace in your own heart, and forgiveness and reconciliation where needed in relationships.
  • Protect against a root of bitterness, especially as you head into a new year! Focus on the GOOD in the relationship. Pray over the situation.

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Friday Faith Follow-up

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