Loving Your Children Well at Christmas is Not About The Gifts // Episode 107

Making a peaceful home and a meaningful Christmas holiday

What are we talking about today?

I know what you want for Christmas, mama. You want the same thing that I want – the same thing we ALL want.

You want a peaceful, memory-making, joy-filled holiday with your family.

That’s it. Is it really so much to ask? To have a peaceful home during the holidays? A meaningful time with your kids? 

It’s definitely do-able… but not if we follow the cultural program for busyness, gifts on top of gifts on top of gifts, and stressing about finding the best sale. 

Today, we’re chasing after a meaningful Christmas. A peaceful home for the holidays. And we’re taking a look together at the only two things that you need to give your kids this year for Christmas. 

Let’s dive in.

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Creating a peaceful home and a meaningful Christmas holiday

[This post may contain affiliate links. If a purchase is made, I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you.] 

Today's Episode Highlights

Gifts are so fun. 

Everyone loves the feeling of finding the perfect gift, wrapping it up, and seeing the joy on the person’s face as they open it. It is great!

(Okay, everyone also loves the feeling of receiving such a perfect gift too!)

But we all know that Christmas is not REALLY about the gifts. Even though we spend a lot of time there… a lot of stress there… a lot of attention there… wait, if it’s not all about the gifts, what is it about?!

Whatever it’s about, it’s definitely not the stuff. 

Our children do not need more stuff. 

Even if you do find the perfect gift, that’s still not the most important part of Christmas! This season is about Jesus, and He is clear about what your child’s priorities are in their family life and holiday season. 

They don’t need more stuff; they need more YOU.

Your Kids Need Your Time

The first big area that we need to look at during the holidays is this:

What TIME are you giving your children this holiday season? 

However you fill your schedule, make sure there is space for special activities and favorite holiday traditions. Cancel some things from the to-do list if it’s getting in the way. Scale back on gifts. Be ruthless to protect your TIME with your people!

And please know that this does not have to cost money.

Can you drop a lot of money on a big family Christmas activity? Sure. But you can also have a great connection over a cut of hot chocolate with a meaningful conversation.

You're Sending A Message To Your Kids

The second area to look at is the message that you’re sending to your kids about what is important.

Think specifically about Christmas gifts with me for a minute. The issue is not the actual gift! It’s the heart issues behind the gift.

  • Why are you asking for what you’re asking for?
  • Why are you getting your children what you’re getting them?
  • How will that stuff impact your family life in the new year? (more cleaning? more stress?)
  • How will that stuff impact your family’s hearts? (greed vs generosity)

As you fill your schedule, enjoy the holiday traditions, and create Christmas memories, be careful to think about what memories you’re really creating.

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Friday Faith Follow-up

God does care about the holiday season, and He wants you to care about it in the right ways too. Let’s take a few minutes together to look at what that means for your Christian family this year.

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