10 Important Things To Do When You’re Feeling Sad After Christmas

When you’re feeling disappointed or sad after Christmas, bounce back with these 10 action steps, from a Christian family counselor.

Are you struggling with feeling sad after Christmas?

The holidays can be wonderful, fun, amazing… and sometimes, very disappointing. If you’re feeling sad after Christmas, you are not alone. 

But you can bounce back!

Maybe it was some family conflict that upset you. Or perhaps everyone got sick and the holiday was boring and stressful. Whatever went wrong, you can move forward into the new year in a good place. 

Today, I’ll share 10 important things to do if you’re feeling discouraged or sad after a less-than-perfect Christmas holiday.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

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Dealing with hard emotions

As Christian moms, we have pretty big goals for the holiday season. There are cookies to bake, presents to wrap, parties to attend, photos to perfect. 

It can be a lot of pressure. And with all of those high expectations come hard emotions.

That’s a normal part of life! With the ups come the downs. 

Hopefully, you enjoyed some really special holiday moments with your Christian family. But in all honesty, maybe you didn’t. The holidays can be a hard season for so many of us.

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10 things to do when you're sad after Christmas

Are you feeling discouraged or disappointed after your holiday season? It’s actually really normal to feed sad after Christmas.

Sometimes, we feel sad after Christmas because things fell apart. There was a big family fight, a snowstorm that disrupted travel plans, or a big let-down with the gift that your husband got you.

And maybe more surprising, sometimes we feel sad after Christmas because the holiday was really great! Then, when the energy and enthusiasm and excitement of the holiday ends… we can feel deflated.

Whatever might have happened for you, try these 10 steps below to bounce back. (And then, you can work on some great goals for the new year!)

1. Grieve

Whatever is causing you to feel disappointed or sad after Christmas, take time to feel those emotions. Let yourself grieve. It can help you to move on without carrying bitterness.

2. Repent (where/if needed)

Don’t forget that Jesus tells us to always address the log in our own eye before we deal with the speck in someone else’s eye (Matthew 7). If there is conflict or hurt after the holidays, confess and repent of your part. (Even if it feels small.)

3. Forgive

If you’re feeling sad after Christmas, forgiveness is probably needed somewhere along the way. Maybe you need to forgive someone else for disappointing you. But also, you may need to forgive yourself or forgive God for things that have upset you this year.

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4. Pray

It is worth praying every step of the way! But as we’re about to turn the corner from internal processing to doing something about it, this is a good time to stop and pray intentionally. Ask God to direct your heart and your steps as you move forward in family relationships.

5. Place your trust in God

You may be feeling confused or overwhelmed by processing what happened this Christmas, figuring out how to forgive and move forward, and knowing what to do next. But you know what? 

God’s got this. Especially if you’re still feeling hurt or stuck, give it to God. Trust that He is good, He is in control, and that He works all things for YOUR good too (Romans 8:28).

6. Move forward... don't dwell on the past

This is only a semi-action step, because it’s all in your head! Often, when we’re feeling sad after Christmas, it’s easy to get stuck in that place. We keep dwelling on what happened or we struggle to move into a new year with new goals, resolutions, or hope. So decide to move forward. Don’t dwell on the past.

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7. Choose to hope and focus on the positive

Will you focus on went wrong or what went well? It can be tempting to enjoy a pity party, and it can be truly difficult to forgive someone after a big hurt. But the more that you think about and focus on the positive and the things you’re hopeful for, the happier you will feel.

8. Plan

Hopefully by this point, you’re feeling ready to take action. It might be a big change or simply something to think about more fully. But this is a good time to start planning for what to change, focus on, or try differently in order to move into the new year strong.

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9. Pray

It’s a repeat for a reason! Just as you should intentionally pray before you begin to move forward emotionally, you also need to intentionally pray as you start to take action. Pray for God to lead you, give wisdom and clarity, and to bless the relationships you are investing in.

10. Act

The time has come. You might still be feeling sad, or you may be feeling a bit better. Either way, nothing will change if you don’t change something!

So consider what you’ve reflected on, prayed over, and planned for. And then… act!

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There is no magic wand when you're feeling sad after Christmas

These 10 things will help you when you’re feeling sad after Christmas. But none of them are a magic wand!

The reality is, hard emotions are a part of life. And they are definitely part of Christian family life! 

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We love the happy emotions of family life. But because people mess up, act out, struggle, and sin… we cannot have deep family relationships without some hard emotions along the way. 

My friend, let me offer one last encouragement. 

Give those hard emotions to the Lord.

You are precious and loved. God has been with you through the Christmas season – the good and the bad! And He is with you now, as you’re struggling to move forward. 

Consider the promise Jesus gives us in the gospel of Matthew:

“Come to me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

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