Start resolving conflict in your marriage TODAY by managing difficult conversations with less stress and more peace // Episode 19

Do you enjoy conflict? It’s almost a trick question. No one likes conflict!

As a marriage therapist, one of the most common things that I do is help couples manage conflict. Every marriage has its own hot button issues, and conversations about those topics often bring up hard emotions and a lot of emotional baggage. Many couples struggle with anger management, conflict resolution, and fighting fair. 

In today’s episode, I’m walking through 4 action steps to help you manage difficult conversations with your spouse and the emotions that come with them. These practical strategies will help you move from conflict toward a productive conversation. 

It is my prayer that this episode blesses your marriage. So hit play, my friend, and let’s get started!

Listen to Episode 19:

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The hardest part about conflict resolution is the reality of our emotions. Once we start to get heated – we’re angry, we’re frustrated, we’re upset – it is much harder to have a productive and peaceful conversation. 

That’s exactly where this resource will be helpful.

When conflict starts to rise, pull out your FREE copy of the 10-point Conflict Resolution Checklist. Just follow the steps. Bring peace and resolution to the conversation. 

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Episode Show Notes

The first step of resolving conflict is to be realistic about it. No matter how wonderful your marriage is, there will be times of disagreement. 

When disagreement happens, be prepared for the reality of emotions. Hard emotions. 

The thing is, the emotions are not the problem. They are normal! What really changes the interaction is how we handle those hard emotions. That impacts the quality of our relationships. 

Here are four ways to handle difficult conversations with your husband (or others):

  1. Schedule a time for the conversation (when possible) so you’re both prepared. Most hot button issues are things that we know will eventually come up. Think about finances… they can be hard to talk about, but they are part of our every day life! 
  2. Know in advance what your values and priorities are, and how they connect with this hot button issue.
  3. Have a plan for what you’re going to do if the conversation starts to get escalated. (This is where your FREE Conflict Resolution Checklist will be helpful!)
  4. Be honest and vulnerable – with yourself and your spouse.

Conflict is never fun. But there are strategies to manage our emotions well, be intentional about our difficult conversations, and replace stress with peace. 

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Don’t forget to snag your FREE copy of the Conflict Resolution Checklist!

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As a disclaimer: I am a licensed therapist but this podcast is not therapy. It is not personal advice to your specific situation. If you believe professional counseling may be helpful for you in this season of life, you may find this article on the Love Your People Well website helpful.