Finding joy in the Lord during seasons of pain and sadness // Episode 20

Reading through the Bible, it is very clear that God calls us to be joyful people. Our lives are meant to be defined by gratitude and thanksgiving, worship and praise, rejoicing and love.

But what about during our seasons of trial? What about when it feels like everything is falling apart around us? When I’m hurting, grieving, or feeling defeated and overwhelmed by life?

We are still called to find our joy in the Lord and to worship him.

At these times, finding joy in the Lord is a spiritual discipline. In today’s episode, I’ll break down the simple and powerful truths of Psalm 100 so that we can better understand how to find joy even in our hardest moments, and why that is so meaningful in our lives.

Join me, friend, and let’s be encouraged by God’s Word together. 

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Do you sometimes struggle to be consistent in reading the Bible? Does prayer sometimes feel dry or boring?

You are not alone. 

One of the hardest things about finding our joy in the Lord is that He is not visible to us. We can’t give him a hug. We can’t hear the sound of his voice offering comforting words. 

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Episode Show Notes

As Christian women, we know that God is our greatest source of joy and peace.

At least, we know it with our minds. But what about our hearts?

It is hardest to rest in the Lord, to find joy and experience his peace, when our hearts are hurting. 

Yet the reality of life in this broken world is that we will all go through seasons of pain. We will deal with grief. We will face hard emotions, illnesses, disappointment, and troubles. 

Still, God calls us to find joy – to rejoice in him at ALL TIMES. 

How? Why?

In Psalm 100, we see some wisdom and encouragement to help us understand how to find our joy in the Lord even during hard circumstances. 

  • First, we see the call to joy and to worship the Lord.
  • The psalm moves into highlighting one reason why – because we know God and we have a relationship with him. He is the source of our joy. 
  • We are then called to give thanksgiving and praise to God… which focuses us on joy. 
  • The psalm closes with another reason why we find our joy in the Lord – because we know his character. He is good. His love endures forever. He is faithful through all generations. 

Even our hardest seasons of life will not last forever. Our emotions will change. Our situation will shift over time. 

What won’t change?


His character. Our relationship with him. His promises. 

His joy. 

May the Lord surround you with his peace and comfort during the hard seasons. And may you press into him – knowing him, resting in him, praising him – to find your joy  in him even during those hard seasons. 

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