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resources for emotional regulation

40 Day Devotional on Anger & Emotional Regulation

a biblical resource for managing impatience, frustration, anger, and all the not-so-fun mama emotions 

instant download to print at home

40 days of Bible readings, devotionals, and reflection questions

prevent mom burnout with this Stress Relief Workbook

instant download to print at home

walk through a 5-step process for understanding and dealing with your stress

popular podcast episodes

build emotional regulation skills

Emotions can be powerful and overwhelming. And when you’re feeling stretched thin with everything Christian family life requires, it gets tougher to manage the hard emotions. 

None of us can care for others if we’re struggling with our own mom anger, mom burnout, or mom guilt. We want to do better. Feel better. Love better.

So let’s work together to build some healthy (and holy) emotional regulation skills, so you can give your family the emotional energy that they deserve.

emotions freebies

how can I manage my mom anger?

Anger itself not a sin, but sometimes our reactions are unhealthy, unholy, or unhelpful. Here are a few things to try when your emotions are overwhelming you.

how can I help my kids stop having temper tantrums?

We struggle with emotions as grown-ups… of course our kids struggle too! When you see a meltdown coming, here are a few ideas to try for those toddler emotional regulation skills.