Emotions & Conflict Resources

How we handle our emotions will impact all of our important relationships. God desires for us to control our anger, worry, fear, and stress, not to be controlled by them. And conflict is inevitable in a relationship, but there are strategies to help us deal with it well. If you are looking for help and support with managing your emotions, stress, or conflict, you will enjoy the resources outlined below.

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An Emotional Control Toolkit

There are some general life “tools” that many women find helpful in managing control over their emotions. But don’t forget: first and foremost, our emotional control is a Holy Spirit issue. So make sure to check out the resources for Spiritual Growth. The Holy Spirit is our best source of peace, patience, and emotional control.

Some additional resources that we recommend are:

  • Find a journal that you like and write out your emotions and struggles
  • Use a Fit Bit or whatever similar technology you have to provide prompts to help you use deep breathing techniques to calm down
  • Adult coloring books (with some colored pencils) can be helpful for calming ourselves
  • Candles, bubble baths, and other relaxing and enjoyable activities can help to calm our emotions
  • Make sure you have a comfortable mattress to help with a good night’s sleep

Bring on the Books!

Books are a great way to dig deeper into almost any topic. The books listed below are practical and helpful tools for a variety of emotions. The targeted emotion is labeled as well, to help you choose resources that best meet your needs.

Anger & Conflict

Anxiety & Depression


True Feelings: God’s Gracious and Glorious Purpose for Our Emotions
by Carolyn Mahaney and Nichole Mahaney Whitacre