Helpful Biblical Self Care Tips For A Modern Christian Mom

In a busy and distracted world, these biblical self care tips help families make space for Sabbath, rest, and refreshment.

Every busy mom needs great biblical self care ideas

Do you sometimes wish there was more time for rest in your life?

Of course you do! Every busy mom longs for a bit more peace, a bit more rest in her regular life.

But we get stuck in figuring out how to make it happen, and we feel guilty about the time we think it’s taking away from our family. 

That’s what we’re diving into today, my friend – let’s take a look at some biblical self care tips to help your busy family make space for Sabbath, rest, and refreshment. 

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Is biblical self care the same thing as Sabbath?

As Christians, the Bible tells us clearly that Sabbath is a good blessing God gives us. But in our modern world, we wind up with a lot of questions about Sabbath!

  • What does Sabbath really look like today?
  • How does Sabbath compare against ideas of self care?
  • Do biblical self care tips just mean things we do on the Sabbath?
  • Is it important to practice Sabbath as a modern Christian mom?

As we start to look at what biblical self care really is and how to fit it into our busy lives, we start where we always start… with the Bible. We have to seek God’s kingdom first and ask for wisdom!

And the Bible talks a lot about Sabbath. So, let’s start there.

Sabbath VS Self Care

In a busy and distracted world, we need rest. We need refreshment.

But it turns out, this isn’t new to our modern world. At the very beginning of creation, God enjoyed an entire day of rest – and He quickly told his people to do the same thing.

He called this day Sabbath. Not only is it the fourth commandment, Jesus calls himself “Lord of the Sabbath” and promises us that heaven will be our final Sabbath rest. Clearly – Sabbath matters!

But is Sabbath the same thing as biblical self care?

What is Sabbath?

Sabbath is an ancient practice of the Israelite people and the Christian church. It is an intentional day of resting from work, so that you can experience physical rest and spiritual peace with God.

Here are a few biblical truths about Sabbath:

  • It started at the very beginning of creation, when God rested and blessed the seventh day (Genesis 2:1-3)
  • Sabbath is the fourth commandment: “Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy.” (Exodus 20:8)
  • Jesus honored the Sabbath but not by keeping every law about it that the Pharisees had made. (Matthew 12:1-14)
  • At the end of our life, “there remains a Sabbath-rest for the people of God” that we will enjoy forever. (Hebrews 4)

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What is biblical self care?

Biblical self care is taking action to intentionally care for yourself so that you can care for others well. 

Typically, this means you are engaging in small or big activities that you enjoy and that help you live more like God wants. Activities that make you smile, feel good, and that energize you to do the work God has called you to.

Here are a few ways that biblical self care helps you as a Christian:

  • It is loving to yourself, so you can then love others (see Mark 12:30-31)
  • When you are refreshed and energized, you can do more of the good works God has prepared in advance for you to do (Ephesians 2:10)
  • You will struggle to be patient, compassionate, kind, and forgiving like God wants… because without biblical self care you’ll be too burned out!

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The risks of ignoring biblical self care

Sabbath and biblical self care overlap, but they are not the exact same thing.

While Sabbath is typically a full day of stopping your work, biblical self care is more about regular activities to refresh yourself. Sabbath is about your relationship with God, and self care helps your own mental health and relationships with others.

But if you want to enjoy Christian family life, you cannot ignore the need for REST in your life!

Ephesians 5 tells us “Be very careful then, how you live – not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil” (verse 15-16).

If you are not careful to allow Sabbath and biblical self care in your regular life, you are hurting your relationship with God, your own mental health, and your relationship with your family.

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5 tips for fitting biblical self care into your busy life

Everyone’s personality is different. That means that what I enjoy for self care, you would find boring. And the work that I need to rest from on the Sabbath is different from yours. 

But we all share the same reality that life is busy and our schedules are full!

As I’ve tried to be more intentional about adding Sabbath rest and biblical self care activities into my own home, I’ve found these 5 tips really helpful.

Tip 1: Be less busy.

You will not fit self care activities into a schedule that is filled to the max. And you certainly won’t fit in a full day of Sabbath! 

To live a healthy family life and enjoy those family relationships, you need margin in your life. Even if it’s just an extra 20 minutes a day, that margin can make a big different.

RESOURCE: I absolutely love The Hope Planner to help me prioritize God first and keep my schedule under control.

Tip 2: Practice saying no to good things.

The more that you say “no” to opportunities people give you – even good, fun opportunities that you would enjoy – the more space you will have for REST in your real life. 

This will include your own commitments as well as your kids’ extra-curricular choices, family outings, and church events. You can’t say yes to everything, so start saying no to some things.

Tip 3: Get to know yourself and your family.

What relaxes you? What feels like work? Your answers will be different from mine! And they’ll be different from your mom, your best friend, and your pastor. 

Make the effort to figure out what YOUR people most enjoy and most need from their times of rest and refreshment. Then, you know exactly what to make room for in your family’s schedule.

RESOURCE: My free e-book Building Your Mom Toolbox will help you better understand your family dynamics so you can deepen your relationships.

Tip 4: Make prayer and reading the Bible a regular habit in your life.

Nothing and no one will give you rest like Jesus. He promises us in Matthew 11 that when we feel weary and burdened, He will give us rest. 

Building your intimacy with God is a wonderful way to find more purpose in your life and to find rest even when things are busy. If you aren’t sure where to start, grab my free 45-Day Bible and Prayer Challenge to start building this habit.

Tip 5: Have a plan and trial-and-error it.

No plan is perfect right away, but it’s much easier to get started when you have something to start with. So make a plan! Try something. And then, figure out what’s working and what isn’t and make adjustments as you need to.

RESOURCES: You might want to try a 30 Day Challenge For Building A Self Care Habit.

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