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30-Day Challenge: Self Care For Christian Women


Feeling like a busy, stressed out mom? Self care habits can help! Use this 30-day challenge to build a new habit in your daily life. Filled with realistic self care ideas for women, you’ll get guided ideas plus blank templates to create your own goals and plans. Developed by a Christian counselor, pastor’s wife, and mom of 4 little ones. (Digital Product)

It can be hard to find good self care ideas for women. But it can be even harder to fit good self care rhythms into your busy life!

As Christians, we are called to love God and love our neighbors as ourselves. And if we stop caring for ourselves well, there won’t be much left to offer others – our families, communities, and friends.

Join me in this encouraging 30-day challenge as we build some great self care ideas for women into real-life routines!

In this 30-day challenge, you will get the encouragement and help you need to start a NEW habit in your life.

A habit that brings self care into your real-life routine. Use these self care ideas to find rest, renewal, and refreshment so you can stay strong in your family relationships

What’s included in this 30-day challenge: Self Care For Christian Women

✓ A helpful introduction to the topic of self care

✓ Personal assessment tool for understanding your personal best self care plan

✓ Checklists and trackers for practicing self care

✓ Journaling space

✓ Templates for monthly, weekly, and daily self care ideas

✓ A guideline for creating your own self care plan


If you want to stay emotionally healthy to love your people well, self care will help. Use this 30-day challenge to build a new habit that will bless your family, your mental health, and your spiritual life.


I have created this 30-day challenge to help you break past the barrier of coming up with real-life ideas for self care. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or take a lot of time! And self care helps all of us be better moms, wives, friends, and women.

As a Christian family therapist and a mom of 4 little ones, I know how stressful life can get. And it’s busy! It can feel like there is no time to focus on caring for myself. But it’s possible even in just a few minutes a day. Using these self care ideas for women and weaving them into my real life (as busy and chaotic as it can be) has made a big difference in my life – and it will make a difference in your life too.

About this product

*This is a digital product. Nothing will be shipped.*

You will receive a PDF document with a link to download your full 30-day challenge journal. After downloading, it will be easy to print at home or in a print shop. Or, pull it up on your tablet or phone and work through the devotional electronically.

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