5 Tips For A Christian Mom Wanting More Family Intimacy

A Christian counselor’s 5 best tips for building stronger and deeper family intimacy, so that you can enjoy family relationships more.

How is your family intimacy?

Ever have one of those days when you just feel a little disconnected from your people?

Maybe even a stretch of time, a season when your family relationships were stuck in a rut and you weren’t really connected?

Strong family intimacy is SUCH a joy for Christian families. And even when life is busy and chaotic, it’s possible to build that intimacy!

Join me today for a look at 5 things you can do regularly to build stronger and deeper intimacy with your family. Enjoy family life more as you deepen these family relationships.

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The power of family intimacy

Every mom wants to have strong relationships with her family. 

You want a great marriage. Happy kids. Fun family memories. And family intimacy creates all of this.

It’s not easy, but it is powerful. As you build family intimacy, you will enjoy your Christian family life more and more. 

Wondering how to do it?

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What is family intimacy?

Every family is unique and special. Yes, the Bible gives us a clear picture of some pieces of family life. But it will still look different depending on your people, preferences, ages, and the season of life that you’re in. 

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But we can still define “family intimacy.” We can still get a good picture of what this really means for your family relationships. 

Building family intimacy will mean:

  • more emotional closeness
  • a feeling of togetherness and being understood
  • able to be vulnerable and real together
  • trusting each other
  • caring for each other and turning to each other during tough times

Is this what your Christian family relationships look like?


5 tips to boost family intimacy

Even when life is busy, you can still deepen your family relationships. 

Try these 5 tips in your regular, everyday life… and see how much deeper your relationships go!

Tip 1: Get more quality time

To have more intimacy, you need to be together more regularly. This means quantity time – more time! But to really build intimacy (and not just know things about each other) you need that time to be quality. 

It might be special activities or it might be time around the house. Focus on the time together, conversation, and encouraging and helping one another.

Tip 2: Share in meaningful activities together.

Sure, you want fun activities together that create a bond. But thing about soldiers on the battlefield. They call themselves “brothers” and experience a deep, long-lasting bond – not because they had a ton of fun together. 

Because they went through hardship and trial together. 

Shared, meaningful activities will create a deep bond. What could this look like for your family?

  • Service opportunities
  • Praying together about real (probably hard) things
  • Go on date nights and build intimacy in your marriage
  • Being present in the hard moments of life instead of isolating or avoiding

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Tip 3: Talk about real things together.

Some people are talkers and some are not. But you cannot build deep family intimacy without conversation. 

You might talk about what’s going on in your lives, things you’re reading or learning about, or issues in the news. This also means that as you teach your kids discipleship, pray and read the Bible together, or discuss difficult situations, you are purposefully building a deeper relationship.

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Tip 4: Handle conflict well.

Eek. You want to avoid conflict all together! Family life is much more fun when you’re all on the same page and smiling together. 

But in real life, and in real relationships, there will be disagreements and conflict. In fact, this can help to deepen family intimacy. As you handle conflict well, you will get to know each other better and build trust. 

So if you want to deepen your family relationships, apologize, talk it through, offer forgiveness, and don’t push issues under the rug.

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Tip 5: Speak truth and encouragement to each other.

Your words matter in your home. Every relationship gets stronger with truth, love, and encouragement… and weaker without them.

As a wife and mom, you can have such a powerful influence in the lives of the people you love! Share truth with them. Be kind. Stay honest. Offer gratitude, encouragement, and support. 

You can also direct your kids in how they use their words in your home. Praise them when they are kind. Help them apologize. Coach them through difficult conversations. 

Enjoy those deeper family relationships!

Building family intimacy is not always easy or fun, but it definitely matters. 

Each of these 5 ideas are practical for every day life – but they’re not the only ideas! And the more that you simply spend time together enjoying each other’s company, the deeper your relationships will grow.

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