12 Fun And Free Date Night Ideas… No Babysitter, No Cost, But A Great Investment In Your Christian Marriage // Episode 80

What are we talking about today?

Ever felt a little stuck for date night ideas? You’re too busy to plan something, hiring a sitter is a hassle, but you know that it’s important to invest in your marriage…

Well, this episode is for you.

These at-home date night ideas are totally free and don’t require you to leave the house, or even get dressed up. They can be as elaborate or as simple as you want – but they will ALL help you connect with that handsome hubby of yours and be a worthwhile investment in your Christian marriage.

Plus, I’ll give a few additional ideas for how to mentally and emotionally look forward to and enjoy date night, even during the stressful or chaotic seasons of family life.

Ready for a little romance? Let’s dive in.

Listen to Episode 80:

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Boost your marital communication

40 Day Devotional Communication in Marriage

If you’re working on communication, one of the best places to start is in your marriage. This 40 Day Devotional will walk you through specific Scriptures, along with guided reflection questions and communication starters, to strengthen communication in your marriage.

Boost your physical intimacy

Physical Intimacy in Marriage

Not every date night has to end in the bedroom… but if you are hoping that it won’t, that’s a problem. Let me point you to my go-to person in the world of improving Christian marital intimacy: Sheila Wray Gregoire. She’s funny, she’s real, and she’s all about glorifying Jesus with your marriage.

Let me also offer a FREE resource that I know will be helpful:

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Today's Episode Highlights

We all love a good date night out… but sometimes, that’s just not realistic!

Maybe the schedule is too full, maybe the babysitter called out sick, or maybe you’re running short on cash and there’s a ways to go until payday. 

Don’t let that stop you. 

Try out these 12 ideas for a simple, FREE, and fun date night at home with your husband.

12 at-home date night ideas to try

  1. Movie and popcorn on the couch – yes, it’s classic for a reason. Enjoy the shared experience (movie + popcorn) and take time to cuddle and be physically close (on the couch).
  2. Play a board game – as complicated or simple as you want! Feel free to add your own fun romantic rules… maybe 6 kisses in an undisclosed location every time you roll a 6…
  3. Use John Gottaman’s love maps questions to “interview” each other – these questions will help you build your knowledge base of your spouse, and make it easy to jump into conversation or have a fun Q&A. Check out more about his love maps here. (Note: he is not a Christian therapist, but has decades of research experience as a marriage therapist.)
  4. Listen to music and dance together – the classic romanic date experience! Slow dance, line dance, or do whatever you want, but this is a great way to physically and emotionally connected without a big time or energy commitment.
  5. Light candles and have a dessert picnic on the floor – simply getting out of the normal routine can help you connect and enjoy the moment. Create a romantic mood and get comfy with a picnic in your living room.
  6. Give each other a massage – sure, this could be a great first step toward the bedroom, but this is also a wonderful way to relax, enjoy each other, and connect. Try a foot massage, scalp massage, or hand massage if you want something a little beyond the normal.
  7. Look through a photo album or wedding video and share memories together – what a fun way to get conversation going and relive those favorite shared memories.
  8. Write a list of things you love about each other and read it to each other – and yes, the writing can be part of the date! This is romantic, simple, and always personal. It also gives you a takeaway to enjoy re-reading later.
  9. Cook a meal or fancy dessert together – getting creative and trying something new is a wonderful date night experience.
  10. Sit down and plan your next adventure together, a trip or outing or activity – don’t let the fact that you’re currently “stuck” inside discourage you. You can still enjoy some anticipation and dreaming together about the next adventure!
  11. If you can sit outside in your backyard, take a glass of wine or a yummy dessert and enjoy the moonlight together – getting out into nature is relaxing and helps us emotionally connect in a different way.
  12. Read something out loud to each other. Maybe it’s a psalm or another passage of Scripture. Maybe it’s a fun or steamy novel. Maybe it’s love letters you wrote when you were dating. Enjoy slowing down and listening to each other without having to come up with all the conversation.

Tips for getting in the mood during busy seasons of life

  • Schedule your date night (even an at-home date night) it in advance, even if you don’t plan the activity. Having it on the calendar lets you anticipate, look forward to it, and protects the time.
  • Get in the mood during the day… this might mean sending some kissing emojis, wearing your favorite or most alluring undergarments, or daydreaming about the night to come.
  • Find a place in your home where you won’t be distracted by the mess or the to-do list running through your head! Toss the dirty clothes behind a closet door or ask your husband to do a quick clean of the kitchen while you get dressed. 
  • Spruce up the space with romance – candles, flowers, music, and dim lighting can help to turn your normal I’m-here-all-day space into a space of romance.
  • Pray for the energy and desire to enjoy each other, whether that’s prayer in advance of the night or even during the night if you find yourself distracted or exhausted.

A few final resources

Marriage is a hugely important part of a Christian family, and we don’t want to start taking it for granted. So if something is getting in the way of connecting with your spouse, do something about it!

Friday Faith Follow-up

Date nights not only help our marriage, but they also have a big impact on our kids. Curious how? Well, here’s a spoiler alert: they are a blessing to our kids! Let’s dive into this quick bonus episode about how our date nights with our hubby bless our children. 

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