Christian Mom Burnout Is Real… So How Do You Love Your People Well Even When You’re Worn Out, Exhausted, and Just Not In The Mood? // Episode 95

What are we talking about today?

Feeling tired, mama? You’re not alone! We ALL go through seasons of life where we are tired, worn out, and just plain don’t have the energy anymore. 

And yet, even in those hard seasons, we don’t want our relationships to suffer. We don’t want to be cranky, grumpy, or short-tempered. So what can we do?

Well, that’s what we’re tackling today. We’ve got encouragement and practical tips for these exhausting seasons of life. 

Ready for some change? Let’s dive in.

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Today's Episode Highlights

Yes, life can be totally exhausting. But that never gives us an excuse to lash out at other people, stop caring for ourselves or our family, or start neglecting important relationships. 

Is it hard? Yes. 

But hopefully, these ideas will help. 

And be sure to listen to the full episode for more!

Practical ideas for the tired mama

  • Focus on gratitude! Keep a mental and written gratitude list.
  • Bite your tongue… literally if needed. When you notice the impatience or frustration popping up, bite your tongue or leave the room. The 40-Day Devotional on Anger & Emotional Control may be a helpful resource too!
  • Give love in the way that you can. If you’re emotionally exhausted, focus on physical touch: hold hands, stroke hair, give hugs. But if you’re physically worn out, maybe focus on words of affirmation. There are so many ways to show people that you love them, without always taking a lot of energy or time.
  • Take care of yourself! Sleep. If you can’t sleep, rest. Set aside the to do list and the work list and the chore list. Read something fun. Take a hot shower. Even if it is small, do it. Grab my free 51 Self Care Ideas list for simple, free ideas.
  • Apologize often. Not for your emotions – it’s okay to feel angry (if appropriate) or sad. But often, when we feel hard things, we don’t act in our best way. We get impatient, cranky, demanding, or rude. And when that happens, be quick to apologize for how you handled the situation. 
  • Slow down. Have everyone in the family slow down if it all possible. Cancel some things. Get takeout. Have a family movie day. Allow a little extra screen time for a brief season.

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And don’t forget to grab a resource or two that will help you LOVE Christian family life!

Friday Faith Follow-up

“Let us not become weary in doing good.” Why would God put this encouragement in the Bible? It’s from Galatians 6:9. And it is such an encouragement to the tired, worn-out mom!

Hop into this short episode for a devotional on Galatians 6:7-10, with biblical encouragement for the tired Christian mom.

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