Ignore Pinterest! 7 simple ways to celebrate the people you love… without spending a lot of money, fuss, or time // Episode 21

Nothing is better than making someone we love smile. That’s the photo-worthy moment right there!

The thing is… we sometimes put so much pressure on those moments to be photo-worthy that we miss the moment itself. 

But what is the moment really about? It’s about the special person you are celebrating. It’s about their happiness, the relationship, and making them feel special. 

It’s okay if the moment doesn’t result in the perfect picture to post on social media. Instagram can wait. You may not meet the expectations of the Pinterest posts that you looked through. That’s okay. 

Today, we’ll take a look at 7 ideas for how to show your people that you love them.

Ideas that won’t require a lot of money. They won’t create anxiety and pressure. They won’t take a lot of time. “Keep it simple” is sometimes the best way to celebrate someone, because we can keep the focus where it belongs… on them!

Let’s dive in, friend! 

Listen to Episode 21:

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Episode Show Notes

I know that you love to celebrate your people – we all love a good celebration! Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and everything in between… there are no wrong times to celebrate our people. 

But there can be wrong ways to celebrate them. 

If the celebration becomes all about you… all about the photo opportunities… all about making things look good… you’ve missed the mark, my friend. 

You’ll get a lot more value out of listening to the whole episode. But if you want a sneak peak at my 7 ideas for SIMPLE ways to celebrate your people, here’s the list!

  1. Write them a letter. Put your affection into words. Even better? Seal it up and hide it for them to find!
  2. Print some tangible pictures for them and put them in a frame or a photo book. In the digital age, tangible pictures are even more fun and meaningful!
  3. Focus on quality time by planning a fun experience together that you know they would enjoy. It might be a new activity or their old favorite – just keep the focus on them. 
  4. Cover their usual chores for a day or a weekend. Everyone loves a break! (Make sure you tell them you’re doing this because they’re awesome, or whatever compliment you want to give.)
  5. Compliment them with several genuine, specific compliments. In fact, you could do this every day. Specific words, with eye contact, make a small moment meaningful. 
  6. Leave small notes where they will find them unexpectedly. This might be in a post-it note, by text message, or whatever works for you. 
  7. Buy them a small gift when it’s NOT gift-giving time – just because you saw it and thought of them!

Are these ideas mind-boggling things that no one has ever thought about before?


They’re just ideas to get you started. Keep it simple. Focus celebrations on the PEOPLE, not the photo or the gift. Show them you love them. 

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