9 lessons from Jesus’ life about how we can (and should!) love our people well in the modern world // Episode

What are we talking about today?

What does Jesus’ life teach us about Christian family relationships in the modern world? He is the only one who can love perfectly, so let’s try to follow him.

In today’s episode, we’ll look at his principles, strategies, and actions for loving his people well, and apply them to our busy modern family lives today.

Ready? Let’s dive in. 

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Today's Episode Highlights

As a Christian mom, I want my family relationships to be centered in the life and person of Jesus Christ. And sometimes, when I read the Bible, it feels so far away from my every day life!

Family life in biblical times was very different than family life today. I’m raising my family in middle class America in the 2020’s and trying to follow the example from a single man who lived over 2,000 years ago in the Middle East. 

Yet, I can follow his example!

Jesus is the only Person who ever loved perfectly. He had family, friends, and followers – and He loved them all in exactly the right ways. 

So, let’s look at 9 lessons from how Jesus loved his people, and apply them to our own lives today. 

A bonus tip

Even with principles and action steps in mind, I find it difficult to keep all of my family relationship goals in mind during busy days. That’s why I love using The Hope Planner to guide my days. It is a prayer journal + planner, so it keeps me focused on God first, then my family relationships, and only then do I move on to the to-do list and the schedule. Check out the Hope Planner here!

9 lessons from the life of Jesus

Jesus loved his people perfectly… and we want to do the same! Here are 9 principles and actions we see in the life of Jesus that will help us. 

  1. Have a heart of humility toward the people in your life. In Philippians 2, the humility of Jesus in loving people is highlighted well.
  2. Act in ways that serve and help them, like Jesus did at the Last Supper when He washed the disciples feet. 
  3. Spend time with them, intentionally, living life with them. Jesus called his disciples to “come, follow me” and he purposefully shared everything with them. 
  4. Love sacrificially. Jesus loved us (even while we were still sinners!) so much that He died for us. And He calls us to love sacrificially too. 
  5. Expect sin and trouble to be part of your relationships (and your own life). Jesus was betrayed by his friends at the most important moment in his life. We must be realistic about the fact that sin will be part of our family life.
  6. Know that forgiveness will be required (and impossible without God). Jesus forgave, and continues to forgive us today. Whenever we confess, He forgives. We must do the same with our family, through the power of the Holy Spirit.
  7. Pray for the people you love. (Read John 14-16 for a beautiful prayer from Jesus at the end of his life.)
  8. Put God first, and obey his commands… even if your loved ones disagree. When Jesus talked about going to Jerusalem to die, Peter scolded him. But Jesus did not turn away from God’s plan to please even his best friend: “Get behind me, Satan,” was his strong and immediate response. 
  9. Worship God together. Many times, Jesus worshipped with his disciples. The Last Supper is a great example of this. 

How to love your people well today

No matter what century or culture we live in, we can (and must) love our people in these same ways. 

If life feels too busy to stay grounded in the ways of Jesus, let me encourage you again to check out two helpful resources:

Friday Faith Follow-up

Why should we care about how Jesus loved his people? In this quick bonus episode, we will look together at the famous “I AM” declarations Jesus makes in the Gospel of John. We’ll be encouraged together about the incredible truth of Jesus Christ!

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