25 quick, practical tips for your family’s year: build a happy marriage, peaceful home, and a great relationship with your kids // Episode 59

What are we talking about today?

In the chaos of real life, sometimes all a busy Christian mom really wants are a few good tips and tricks to make her family life a little bit better. 

Sure, you can set big and ambitious goals for your family. That’s great!

But if you’re feeling a little stuck (or just want a few quick tips), today’s episode is for you. Here is a simple, fun, quick list of 25 ideas you can use in the new year to bless and build your family relationships.

Make a mental note (or use a post-it) for your favorites, stick them in your favorite planner for a reminder, and have FUN with your family this year!

Let’s dive in!

Listen to Episode 59:

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[This post may contain affiliate links. If a purchase is made, I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you.] 

Today's Episode Highlights

Every idea below is something that I’ve either done with my own family or I’ve worked on with women in the counseling room. Don’t feel pressured to try every idea! Pick your favorites and work them into your regularly scheduled life. 

If you need some reminders along the way (like me!) check out The Hope Planner as a great resource to help you keep God first, keep your family’s priorities second, and add your favorite notes and reminders alongside your usual to-do list. 

25 quick, fun family ideas

  1. Play a game with yourself: keep track of how many times you can make someone in your family smile today.
  2. Put down the phone today and have a deep conversation with someone you love.
  3. Hey moms: have a conversation with your hubby today that is NOT about the kids or work.
  4. Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or upset during the holidays? rely on muscle memory: fake a smile for a little while and see if you actually do feel better.
  5. Reach out to an extended family member who you know might be lonely during the holidays.
  6. Invite your family to a picnic on the living room floor today.
  7. Feeling frustrated with a family member? Make a list of 10 things you love about them.
  8. Set some “tech-free” hours in your home… for everyone, not just the kids!
  9. Kids home from school? Offer some activities, but it’s okay if they get bored. It’s good for them!
  10. Make time today for a “couch conversation” with your hubby: no technology, get face to face, hold hands, and have a conversation about something you might have talked about when you were dating.
  11. Say AT LEAST 3 nice things to EVERYONE in your household today.
  12. Coloring is a wonderful stress reliever and self-care activity. grab a blanket, sit on the floor with your kids, and pull out the coloring books.
  13. Be your kid’s superhero today. Put down the phone, put away the to-do list, and play with them… whatever game they want!
  14. When you attend church with your family… sing out loud and pay attention to the sermon. (Let your kids see you do it!)
  15. Have a living room dance party to your favorite Christmas music today.
  16. Avoid arguing in front of your kids. Keep the adult disagreements it behind closed doors, and keep it civil.
  17. Read a book with your kids today. (Any book.)
  18. Social media can actually increase our loneliness, anxiety, and stress. Set a goal of no more than X times logging into your favorite social media apps each day.
  19. Get outside today! is it cold? Wear a jacket. Raining? Take an umbrella. Get into nature!
  20. Ask for forgiveness from someone today. (Make sure to include a genuine apology.)
  21. Get everyone in their PJs, make hot chocolate, cuddle your favorite pet, and let someone else pick the movie.
  22. Create something today. Bake, draw, sing, write, knit… get everyone involved and celebrate creativity. Make something that’s beautiful to you.
  23. Feeling stressed? Take your brain out of “emotion” for a few minutes and focus on counting, doing a puzzle, or reading a book… your “logic” brain.
  24. Drink more water… and don’t forget to put some green things on the family’s dinner plates.
  25. Pick 10 minutes and do a de-clutter or cleaning project. Whatever is RIGHT in front of you. It can be small, just get something cleaned up, and you’ll feel better.

Don't do it alone

There are plenty of simple ideas above. But you don’t need to stop there – find some resources or tools that will help you be successful with whatever family goals you have right now!

You’ll find encouragement, trainings, and support for FREE inside our private Facebook Group

And there are plenty of helpful resources available from Love Your People Well.

One more tool, which I personally find really helpful for remembering and accomplishing my goals (whether they are big or little, personal or family) is to write them in my Hope Planner as part of my schedule or to-do list. Making it part of my “plan” for the week helps me be much more successful!

Friday Faith Follow-up

In this quick bonus episode, you’ll find 4 powerful prayers from the Bible to change your family and your life.

You’ll find a prayer for your personal walk with the Lord. A prayer for your motherhood and for your marriage. And also, a prayer for your own mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Prayer is incredibly powerful… take a quick listen and be encouraged today!

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