Making Difficult Decisions For The Good Of Your Family // Episode 113

Making Difficult Decisions For The Good Of Your Christian Family

What are we talking about today?

No one enjoys making difficult decisions. But they are a necessary part of Christian family life! And sometimes, the things we want and plan don’t wind up lining up with what God seems to be asking us to do. 

Those decisions are not easy. They typically aren’t fun. But when our deepest goal is to follow Jesus alongside our family and do what is truly best for them, it sometimes means making decisions that put a hold on our personal desires or plans.

Hard stuff. Important stuff. So how do you go about making these difficult decisions? How do you move forward when there might be some disappointment? That’s what we’re talking about today.

Let’s dive in.

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Handling Difficult Decisions For The Good Of Your Christian Family

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Today's Episode Highlights

Have you ever felt a little bit stuck with what’s going on for your family? 

Um… of course! We all hit that point in our family life. Really, in regular everyday personal life too. It can be a hard thing to recognize that something needs to change, but you really don’t want to do what might be necessary. 

These decisions, conversations, and changes can be really tough. But we want to do what is truly best for our family. So how do we get there?

Making difficult decisions

Start by bringing in people you trust to help you process, brainstorm, and think. This certainly will include the Lord: go to him in prayer, lay it all out, cry and wrestle and wait and ask. Seek his wisdom. This should also include your husband, and may also include friends, a pastor, or a Christian counselor. Getting different (trustworthy) perspectives can be helpful.

Embrace humility in the difficulty of decision making. No matter what issue you are struggling with, the Lord will use this experience to humble you. He may convict you or a sin or ask you to put a personal preference, desire, or goal on hold. He may teach you something about his call to sacrifice for the good of others. Be willing to walk with him deeper into humility.

Use helpful tools or activities to help you make decisions. Perhaps this is a pros/cons list. Sometimes, in the counseling room, I’ll help people paint a very clear picture of what they want the important areas of life to look like in a few years time (family life, marriage, work, etc.) and then evaluate the options on the table today by what will move you closest to that goal. Helpful activities will also include spiritual disciplines such as deep Bible study, prayer, or fasting.

Once you’ve made a decision, take action. It’s okay to feel disappointment, frustration, or sadness at making a big change. Especially if you have to put a personal goal or desire to the side in order to do what is best for your family! But often, taking the plunge into action helps to smooth out the process. It’s not easy, but you can walk forward in confidence that you are following God and doing the best thing for the people you love.

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