Who are your people? Welcome to the show! // Episode 1

Welcome to our first episode! I am so excited to join you on your journey. I’m Jess, a Marriage and Family Therapist, a Christian, a wife, a mom – and the host of the Love Your People Well podcast. 

In this episode, we’ll look at why I’m starting this podcast, who this podcast is for, and what it’s all about. 

If you want to find the satisfaction and fulfillment that God intends for you and your relationships, stick with us. We’ll grow our faith, deepen our marriages, and find confidence in who we are – daughters of the King! We will grow closer with our kids and deeper with our friends. We will invite peace into our homes and gratitude into our hearts. Through the busy, messy chaos of real life, we’ll find ways to care for ourselves and our people well.

Listen to Episode 1:

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Episode Show Notes

Welcome to our first episode!

Today, we’ll set the stage for what this podcast is and where we’ll be going. 

  • Who am I? Why am I starting this podcast?

As a marriage and family therapist, I’ve seen a lot of the same themes pop up again and again in the counseling room. In this episode, we’ll talk about what those common themes are and how I will use this podcast to help far beyond the walls of a counseling room.

  • Who is this podcast for?

Do you sometimes feel stuck? Your home, your marriage, motherhood, friendships – it’s not quite where you want it to be? Do you desire deep, meaningful relationships? If your faith is running dry, your emotional energy running low, and you find yourself feeling too discouraged or distracted to make the impact you want to have in your life… you are in the right place.

  • What will this podcast be about?

We’ll be digging into our most important life relationships, seeking to grow, heal, and flourish. There are four pillars of the Love Your People Well™ Podcast: Love God. Love Yourself. Love Your Family. Love Others. 

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As a quick disclaimer: I am a licensed therapist but this podcast is not therapy. It is not personal advice to your specific situation. If you believe professional counseling may be helpful for you in this season of life, you may find this article on the Love Your People Well website helpful.