Should you break up with social media? Here are 3 ways Facebook, Instagram, and the rest are impacting you – the good and the bad! // Episode 36

What are we talking about today?

I have a love-hate relationship with social media.

But the reality is, every piece of technology can be used for good or for bad – from how we use a pen and paper to how we use our Facebook and Instagram. It is made to be addictive, but it is also made to help us build community and relationships. 

So how can we talk about loving our people well and ignore the big world of social media?

That’s where we’re going today.

In today’s episode, I’m going to outline 3 ways that social media impacts us, and look at the possibilities for good and bad within each of those areas. 

Let’s dive in, friend!

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Today's Episode Highlights

Let’s start with the basic truth, my friend: all technology can be used for good or for bad. 

It’s true. The radio. The television. Even the printing press! Or a pencil and paper!

There is potential for good. And, of course, potential for bad. 

Sometimes with social media, we get caught up in worrying about the bad… and miss the opportunity for good. So let’s look at this with fresh eyes today. 

Social media impacts our expectations of ourselves

Let’s start with the good! Because it is there, my friend. 

  • Social media lets us see a lot of examples. This can help our own creativity, it can give us ideas that will help our family.
  • Many people use social media to give encouragement or share Scripture, which can remind us of truth and beauty.

Of course, there is also potential for bad. 

  • Our thoughts may become focused on unrealistic expectations, and comparison -itis.
  • Also, we may start to present a fake face to the world, and then start to feel even worse about real life.

Social media impacts our mental health

Yes, there is possibility for good in the impact on our mental and emotional health!

  • Social media can help us stay connected with people who matter to us, which boosts our sense of safety and security.
  • This can even happen through hashtags on Instagram or Facebook groups, which allow us a chance to connect with like-minded people, providing validation and normalization of our hobbies or life stages.
  • There is community available to build ourselves up as Christian women – such as our very own free Facebook group!

But yes, there is opportunity for a negative impact on our mental health.

  • Time spent on social media has been linked to increased loneliness.
  • Research has also shown that many people feel more anxious and depressed after logging off social media.

Social media impacts our relationships

Let’s start with the good impact on our relationships.

  • Social media helps us stay connected in a world that is increasingly mobile and disconnected.
  • We can typically access social media from anywhere, giving us quick access to our people.

Of course, there is also a bad side to how social media can impact our relationships. 

  • We tend to over estimate the quality and depth of our relationships because of social media. You know all about your friends kids cute antics, great baking expeditions, and spiritual insights from the Lord. But it is different to see that in your Facebook feed then to hear about it over a cup of coffee.
  • Similarly, people often spend less time face-to-face with their people when they are interacting more online.

At the end of the day, social media is a tool. You get to decide how you use it. 

I hope that you will lean into the good, and set appropriate boundaries and limits on your social media use in order to protect yourself from the bad. 

And I hope you will join us for the good – join us in our free Facebook group!

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