30-Day Challenge: Building Spiritual Disciplines For The Christian Life


This 30-day challenge Building Spiritual Disciplines For The Christian Life will help you deepen your faith and enjoy family life more. Use your guided workbook to practice 7 key spiritual disciplines on a weekly cycle. Build a new habit and get more comfortable with these meaningful activities that will draw you closer to Jesus. (Digital product)

Habits are powerful.

For centuries, Christians have practiced regular habits called spiritual disciplines. These are activities that help us grow in our faith. These spiritual habits can be powerful, life-changing, and are often a key piece to our spiritual growth.

But the thing about building spiritual disciplines for Christian life is that it takes discipline. These activities might not be difficult or even time-consuming… but to do them regularly will require intentional effort. You have to build a habit.

Join me in this encouraging 30-day challenge as we build spiritual disciplines for the Christian life!

In this 30-day challenge, you will get the encouragement and help you need to start a NEW habit in your life.

A habit that draws you closer to Jesus and blesses you in so many ways.

What’s included in this 30-day challenge: Building Spiritual Disciplines For The Christian Life?

✓ Checklists and trackers for habit building

✓ Daily journaling space for each day’s activity

✓ A guided 30-day plan for practicing 7 key spiritual disciplines (or, habits)

✓ A helpful introduction to what each activity is and why it’s helpful

If you want to grow deeper in your faith, you must participate in spiritual disciplines for Christian life! These habits will change your marriage, motherhood, and every part of life.

I have designed this 30-day challenge to help you build new habits that will actually make an impact on your life.

As a Christian family therapist and a mom of 4 little ones myself, I know how busy life gets. The days are long, chaotic, and sometimes stressful. But the more grounded I am in my faith, the more patient, joyful, kind, and encouraging I am with my family. These spiritual disciplines help me in my everyday Christian life – and they will help you too.

About this product

*This is a digital product. Nothing will be shipped.*

You will receive a PDF document with a link to download your full 30-day challenge journal. After downloading, it will be easy to print at home or in a print shop. Or, pull it up on your tablet or phone and work through the devotional electronically.

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