5 Tools Every Busy Mom Needs to Move Her Family From Autopilot to Intimacy

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Is your family life feeling a little... stuck?

In seasons of stress and busyness, it is easy to get stuck in a rut. We don’t mean to! But it happens to the best of us. 

You find a routine that works for the moment… it sticks… and you get stuck running on autopilot.

But mama… you want more than that!

God wants more for your family too. Let’s dream big for a minute: family life is meant to bring us JOY! You want a happy marriage and purposeful conversations with your kids. You want a family life that is intimate, godly, and meaningful.

You don’t want a boring marriage. You don’t want to feel distant from your kids. You don’t want to feel like you’re spinning your wheels every day because you’re too busy to figure it out.

No more! Nope. There is a way out.

We all get stuck in a rut sometimes. But it’s time to do something about it. It’s time to learn the tools you need to move your family back to intimacy.

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Any of this feel familiar?

You rush around like crazy to feed everyone dinner… and then you’re too tired to do much more than scroll your social media. Where’s the purpose in it all?

When your husband finally gets home from work… all you really talk about is the unfinished to-do list. When was the last time we really connected?

You pray for your family… but it feels dry, empty, and confusing. What does God want for us?

The kids have a thousand things going on… and when they’re home, their eyes are glued to a screen. What’s going on in their hearts and minds?

You go to bed at night (probably later than you meant to)… and have trouble falling asleep because your heart feels unsettled. Why do I often feel like I’m missing something important? 

Every conversation starts to revolve around the chores, the homework, the mess… and you start to feel like your family is drifting away right before your eyes. What do I need to do to pull us all back together?

There is a solution.
You can move OUT of the rut and INTO intimacy.
These 5 simple tools will get you there.


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What is in the relationship course

What to expect in this FREE email course

Each morning, you’ll get a short and sweet email with that day’s tool. In that email, you’ll get two quick resources to help you reconnect with your family:

  • a one-page worksheet that will help you think through and apply your new skill, and
  • a quick video training from me to explain why this tool is helpful and how to use it.

I’ll close each tool with a 3-minute homework assignment.

All you have to do is show up… and give each tool a genuine effort.

What will you walk away with? A practical, realistic action plan. You’ll know what to do and how to do it. You’ll be ready to change things up, handle what comes your way, and go deeper with your husband and children right away.

What are the 5 tools?

Let me give you a sneak peak. With these tools in hand, you’ll walk away with a real-life plan that works for YOUR family. 

  • Day 1: Casting a Biblical Vision for Your Family
  • Day 2: A Realistic Self-Assessment Assessment
  • Day 3: Effective Brainstorming of Practical Strategies (with a list of ideas from my counseling experience)
  • Day 4: Plan for Barriers
  • Day 5: Effective Action Planning 

Behind the Scenes: Meet Jess!

Hi, friend! I am so excited to teach you these tools that have helped SO many women I've worked with in counseling. I am confident that this course will be a blessing to you and your people.

As a marriage and family therapist with 10+ years experience, I have seen the power of God to heal, strengthen, and refresh relationships. He wants a full and abundant life for us (check out John 10) and He is faithful to come alongside you during this journey. If you want to deepen your family relationships quickly, you're in the right place. I'll see you in Day 1!
Jessica Hayes
Love Your People Well™ LLC

5 Tools Every Busy Mom Needs to Move Her Family From Autopilot to Intimacy

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