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Bring the fun, the joy, and the fulfillment back to your relationships again. With this free email course, you’ll get biblical encouragement and practical strategies. Walk away with a personalized action plan that works for you.

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Are your relationships feeling a little...stuck?

Sometimes, life gets stuck on autopilot. You’re busy. The mental list of what you “should” do gets longer while your patience gets shorter. But this isn’t what you want for your life! You want joy. Fulfillment. Peace. Intimacy.

Of course you love your people – your family, friends, mom, husband. Yet seasons sneak in when these important relationships get stuck in a rut.

Things aren’t bad. They just aren’t great either. 

At some point, this happens to all of us! And it’s time to do something about it. Bring back the fun and fulfillment. It’s time to do a relationship reset.

What to expect in this FREE email course

Each morning, you’ll get an email with encouragement and action steps for that day. You’ll also receive a downloadable workbook to guide you through the course (totally free!). Together, we’ll dig into the following areas:

  • Day 1: Strengths and Struggles Assessment
  • Day 2: Casting a Vision with Biblical Wisdom
  • Day 3: Picking Practical Strategies
  • Day 4: Brainstorming Barriers to Ensure Success
  • Day 5: Action Planning for Real Life

What will you walk away with? A practical, realistic action plan. You’ll know what to do and how to do it. With a real-life plan, you’ll be ready to grow, strengthen, and bless your most important relationships.

Behind the Scenes: Meet Jess!

Hi, friend! I am so glad that you are joining us for the Relationship Reset FREE 5-Day Email Course. I'm the founder of Love Your People Well™ and I am confident that this course will be a blessing to you and your people.

As a marriage and family therapist with 10+ years experience, I have seen the power of God to heal, strengthen, and refresh relationships. He wants a full and abundant life for us (check out John 10) and He is faithful to come alongside you during this journey. If you want to reset your relationships on a godly, joyful, fulfilling path, you are in the right place. Sign up today.
photo of Jessica Hayes Christian parenting coach and marriage and family counselor
Jessica Hayes
Love Your People Well™ LLC

Relationship Reset FREE 5-Day Email Course

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