From Chaos to Calm

Finding Peace & Purpose In Your Home, Your Schedule, And Your Family Life

Is your family’s schedule creating stress or satisfaction?

Does your day tend to feel more rushed than relaxed?

Is your home a place of overwhelm or an oasis from the world?


God did not create you for chaos! He is a God of purpose, order, joy, and peace.

Have you ever thought about his purposes for your family and home life? We get stuck in the daily routines, the bad habits, and the negative thinking. Our to-do list grows longer while our hearts grow discouraged. Is this the “full and abundant life” Jesus promises us in John 10:10?


Friend, there is so much more. And my brand new upcoming course From Chaos to Calm will give you the tools, guidance, and Scriptural truths that you need to move into a new season of family life. 


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From Chaos to Calm is in production now. I’m pulling together the resources, interventions, Scripture passages, and life experience that God has already used in my ministry and my own home life – and it is going to be awesome!

This course is my signature product for creating the home life you want. A place of peace and purpose. A place where intentional planning replaces cramped schedules. Where faith-filled family rhythms and grace-led interactions create meaning, rest, and fulfillment. 

I know you’re busy. I know you’re tired. The daily routines and cramped schedules wear us down! And when we start to feel distant from our people, we start questioning the purpose of it all.

You know what?

Those questions are good. 

And my prayer and plan is that From Chaos to Calm will provide exactly the answers that you need. The tools and interventions from my years as a family therapist, alongside the Scriptural truths, biblical encouragement, and personal experience that will help you move forward.  It’s not just about information. It’s about real life problem solving, and covering it all with the prayer and power of the Holy Spirit. 

Are you in? I know you want your home life to be peaceful. I know you want your days to be purposeful. I am praying for God’s PEACE in your life (which is beyond our understanding!) and for his PURPOSES for your family to reign supreme. I believe He wants that for you. And I know He is faithful.

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Behind the Scenes: Meet Jess!

Did you know that anxiety and stress are two of the biggest issues that bring people into counseling? As a marriage and family therapist with 10+ years experience, I have helped so many women find PEACE in their lives.

That peace didn't It didn't happen because I had all the "right" answers - it happened because we sat down together, we invited God in, and He moved. He brought the peace that surpasses all human understanding. He brought ideas, encouragement, and wisdom to our problem solving.

And those ideas, encouragement, and wisdom-filled solutions are exactly what I want to bring you in this course. I know it will be a powerful experience led by the Holy Spirit to bring peace and purpose into your family life, your schedule, and your home.
photo of Jessica Hayes Christian parenting coach and marriage and family counselor
Jessica Hayes
Love Your People Well™ LLC

From Chaos to Calm

Finding Peace & Purpose in your home, your schedule, and your family life

A brand new course coming soon from Love Your People Well™.

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