Church & Community Resources

We do not live in isolation, but in community. As we move beyond the walls of our home, we find the community of our church, neighborhood, workplace, and beyond. If you are looking for meaningful relationships in your community, you will enjoy the resources outlined below.

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Bring on the Books!

Books are a great way to dig deeper into almost any topic. In this category, consider hosting a book club or discussion group to include others in your thinking and growing. The books listed below are helpful resources for a variety of community places – church, neighborhood, workplace, and beyond.

Spiritual Growth Toolkit

Only the Holy Spirit can bring holy, deep, lasting change. But you know what? We can help or hurt the process! The following items are very helpful in creating a meaningful, enjoyable environment for your regular devotional time with the Lord. The simple fact is, if you enjoy your devotional time, you are more likely to show up. If you show up, the Lord is faithful to meet you there.

  • She Reads Truth bibles – These Bibles are offered in different colors, each designed with women in mind. They beautiful imagery and helpful notes to guide you as you dig into God’s Word.
  • A fun journal
  • Colorful markers or pencils that make journaling enjoyable
  • A great devotional book
  • A Bible commentary that makes sense to you
  • Notecards to guide your prayer time or jot down questions to follow up on
  • Worship music to lead you into the Lord’s presence
  • Coffee, candles, a soft blanket – create a comfortable environment!