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5 Tools Every Busy Mom Needs to Move Her Family From Autopilot to Intimacy

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From Chaos to Calm

Finding Peace and Purpose in Family Life

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What You Can Expect in every course

Every course is developed with a Christ-centered worldview. Our desire in every course is to help you "live a life worthy of the calling you have received" (Ephesians 4:1). The content of each course is grounded in biblical truth and will grow you spiritually AND relationally!
Christian Worldview
in every course
You can move through each course at your own pace! There is no time crunch and no end date. Review the modules whenever it is helpful for you. Courses include a mix of Scripture, helpful videos, reading material, action steps, and problem solving steps.
Self-Paced Courses
with no time limits
Our course developer is Jessica Hayes, a marriage and family therapist with 10+ years of experience! Of course, the courses do not provide therapy or replace a professional relationship. Click on this box to learn more about Jessica
Every course is filled with ideas, biblical encouragement, help, and support - and action steps! Yep. You will have some work to do. That's how change happens. But don't worry, you'll be prepared and supported every step of the way.
Real Life Action Planning
to help you create change